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ISIS here come the bride’s part 2

Part One of “Here come the Brides“.

What is it with teenage girls who want to run off to Iraq or wherever the creepy ISIS gangsters currently store their extra knives, assault weapons and other tokens violence? Behavioral Scientists need to interview as many of these girls as possible. I used to work as a counselor with teenagers and yes there is a tiny subset of girls who fantasize about only being a wife. These girls wanted to run away and get married. They would tell me that they had no need for any education ever.

These girls, with the wife as a full time career goal, were questioned by their peers as part of a career group counseling project. As adults we know that even the full time wife needs some “school learning” in order to budget (math skills), cooking (math skills and reading comprehension). All of this is obvious to rational adults and wise teenagers as well – but some girls are unable to see past a childish romantic fantasy. In my experience nearly all the teenage girls who hold the romantic fantasy of the perfect husband were also members of a strict fundamentalists church.

Families of some of the British girls have been interviewed. Most parents never saw this coming and are shocked. But something was missing – with whom are the girls communicating? In some cases there is an online discussion about going to Iraq – see Part One of Here come the Brides. Link at top.

Many cultures have idealized attitudes of the warrior male. In Israel some women have requested to be impregnate by warrior’s sperm at their local sperm bank. In the case of teenage girls from Britain, France, Australia etc the girls want to go to the source – ISIS “warriors” (vomit). I wonder if these girls think that they will be allowed to walk down a line of “studs” and pick one for husband duties? Really what are these girls really thinking about?

According to the Associated Press, the two girls were trying to convince a third to come with them, but her mom intervened. Austrian ministry officials would not say what the girls planned to do in Syria or Iraq specifically, but the girls wouldn’t be the first to try to join ISIS—at least 160 Austrians have become Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria so far. ISIS has reportedly recruited hundreds of jihadis each from France, England, and Germany.

So according to the above information, not only teenage girls have the fantasy, but so do the wannabe male warriors. There are already reports of western nationals who have died in battle over there in Iraq.

The girls I worked with decades ago who just wanted to get married and be wives to a husband – in the end admitted to their peers that they wanted to leave home and “get on with their lives”. They considered going to school a waste of time. The jihadist wives to be seem to have similar motives. Back when I was doing group counseling with teenagers America was in a major war effort with Vietnam. Guys were going off to war and many wanted a girl to come home to.

Yet even knowing that that warrior cult fantasy is very ancient, I would like to know how the highly restrictive, and misogynistic world, of the fundamentalist ISIS, works in the fantasy “love world” the wannabe bride’s of ISIS have constructed in their heads.

I grew up on military bases where the cult of the warrior was very strong. Most of the women married their warriors during WWII or immediately following the war. Life for military wives means that for a large part of their married life they are left alone to cope with the mundane details of life. I have family members who are living on base, raising the kids, while their warrior husband is deployed elsewhere. These women have lives of their own and they find themselves in a reality that never intruded into the teenage fantasies.

Jihadists brides for a bunch of religious fundamentalists. Read the Bible’s Old Testament for ancient history about male’s attitudes toward women – especially foreign women. No love lost on the foreign women folk. Not much has changed in the old Patriarchal fundamentalist religions. They all cling to holy books filled with words from even older guys. Jesus was a bit more modern, he puts a kinder, gentler face on a harsh misogynistic religion. IMHO.

Additional links and comments

The brutal truth of what might happen to the teenage girls in several western Nations if these girls manage to get to Iraq is explained by women human rights workers. Women have already been kidnapped and sold as sex slaves – these are women in ethnic minority religions. Young girls are raped and sold as “temporary” wives. The girls are then passed on to the next rapist. The foreign girls basically aren’t pure enough for the fundamentalist pigs men. “Pure” women are kept in a cloistered environment away from all males except their brothers and father. Foreign women from non fundamentalists dogmatic states would have no assurances of purity and other patriarchal concerns.
The Brutal Truth Of What The Islamic State Is Doing To Women

None of this is new information. The Patriarchal religions male rulers most often have little respect for the human rights of women. There are many autobiographies and truth turned into novels about the woman’s experience in severe patriarchal cults, cultures and countries. Egypt – not a good place to be female at any time of the day or night. Sally Fields starred in a film about marrying a man from a patriarchal culture. She ended up leaving the country and then returning to rescue her daughter from that hell. Afghanistan is another place where being born female is dangerous. Then the ISIS cult which is even more dangerous than the Al Quaida cult. Saudi Arabia’s misogynistic history is well documented. Then in the U.S. we have the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints – LDS. There are several books by women who were born into these cults and then escaped to give us an insider’s view of life in that cult.

Perhaps the sad teenagers who want to run away to the ISIS cult need an intervention with women who have escaped. I doubt that the runaway wannabe bride’s will be able to surmount the travel obstacle course of getting into Iraq and then finding the sex slave bride market for the black pajamas wearing scruffy looking thugs.

Again my question is – where do these teenagers get these misconceptions about being warriors wives?

American teenagers can go to jail for providing material support to the enemy. This 19 year old could be in jail for a few years. Her Christian fundamentalist pastor turn her into the Feds. Jail is probably better than the life she was heading for. Women owned by the ISIS don’t fight – they are needed for one thing – provide sex for the creeps in black pajamas.

My theory about the Boko Harem cult in Nigeria applies to the ISIS fanatics. The ISIS cult leader has thousands of men and few women. The problem is how to keep the men happy and willing to die for a nutjob cult leader? The promise of women. So is there some sort of online recruiting site for wannabe brides? In part one there was indeed a discussion group online lead by one of the wives. That “wife” could be one of the black pajamas warrior just role playing.

Has anyone noticed how all of these fundamentalists cults feel the need to absolutely control women?


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