Here come the wars

It seems that the U.S. is always at war. My ancestors have served in some capacity in most these wars starting with the French and Indian wars. Genealogy research gives me another perspective on war. Not all soldiers die on the battlefields of war wounds. Some linger on living part of a life before passing on with a note on their death certificate which read something like: “death due to injuries fighting in the Civil War”.

Many wars are started by false flag violence. One side is all geared up to go to war but their target hasn’t shown any interest in fighting. The Vietnam war was started as a lie about an attack on a U.S. war ship by Vietnamese fishing boats. Bush/Cheney got their war on Iraq by lying about a raw source of bomb making material. There were so many false flags involved in the build up to the Iraq war versions one and two that’s it is amazing that so few people noticed. For a fascinating read check out this list of false flags used to start wars or exterminate ethnic groups.

The current evil, terrible bad guys that are going to invade America (not) are the ISIS (according to the same group that went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq.) Please remember that there is no evidence that ISIS plans to invade the greatest predator Nation in the world. American’s fight or flight emotional reactions are being triggered again. President Obama is keeping his speech writers busy churning out the words needed to whip the nation into a mass of fearful children unable to use any critical thinking ability. The Industrial Military Complex needs another war. Even if they have to arm the bad guys to incite the Americans to scream bomb bomb Iraq again and again.

Hey people, the U.S. helped create ISIS and armed this “moderate” terrorist group to take down Syria’s ruler  Assad. Ever since this anti Assad group appeared in the mix of rebels there were warnings from Middle East observers that funding this group of lunatics would end up very badly. I could see this coming because there are trusted sources I read (Juan Cole, Informed Comment blog, has his fingers on the political pulse of that region). Meanwhile most people in the U.S. were more interested in photos of celebrities side boobs or other sensational sex related silly stuff. Now this same corporate news media is telling everyone that ISIS was created by Syrian President Assad. Why the obvious lie? How dumb are Americans anyway – don’t answer.

So suddenly big bad ISIS has gotten the attention of the greatest predator on earth. This misogynistic band of fighters is really dangerous to non Sunnis and other ethnic religious groups in the Middle East. The corrupt leadership of Iraq – puppets for the oil Barons of the world couldn’t hold Iraq together. Power vaccum, leadership vacuum will be filled by most often something far worse.

Who are the ISIS warriors? There is a very good article that is not at all technical about the three groups of “warriors” who are the fighting force of the ISIS. Anyone who has seen the videos of the beheadings of photo journalists and news journalist was exposed to example number one – the Narcissistic psychopath. His job was to be dramatic. Those who have examined the production details of this video tells us that the presentation was crafted even though the content was crude. I have not seen nor will I viewed these videos. The objective of this video was was to make an emotional impact and as an “attention getting mechanisms” or AGM. The second group within ISIS are the devout religious cult members who surround and follow a cult leader.

And that leaves the third and final category—perhaps the least appalling but likely the largest and most important. Call them the Sunni Pragmatists. These people include Iraqi tribal sheikhs, whose allegiance to ISIS originates not in a cultish death wish but in a desire to win security and well-being, and who seem to be using the Psychopaths and the True Believers as convenient allies. From ISIS, the Pragmatists get a way to punish Baghdad for its long neglect of Sunni regions. From the Pragmatists, ISIS already got a greased path into Iraq that allowed their tiny force to cover large amounts of ground and fulfill the True Believers’ goal of rapid expansion, á la the forces of the Prophet Muhammad in the earliest days of Islam. ISIS’s expansion into Iraq happened quickly both because many Sunnis cooperated, and because the Shia-led central government had incredibly weak holds on northern, mostly Sunni cities like Mosul.

American news media will likely focus on the psychopaths with their AGM in full display. The psychopaths crave attention, so my guess is that the video team will be gearing up with new messages of blood and gore. Narcissistic personalities are predictable. My guess is that there are two leaders – the cult leader, Abu  Bakr all Baghdadi, is the larger than life master manipulator. But generally there is power behind the throne – the organizational leader. This is taught in most behavioral science courses when group structures are dissected. ISIS has demonstrated local knowledge and the ability to adapt and change tactics and this indicates a military command structure and A military leader. Most likely the spooks have a good guess about this mysterious General.

So many of the poor choices about Iraq by U.S. leadership are coming back to bite the current clueless administration on its collective ass. American’s emotions are again being whipped into supporting another war for oil. Wars are always fought over resources. Wars aren’t noble. Wars are fought by the young grunts who believe they are invincible. The aging warriors die from lingering injuries inflicted in wars long forgotten.

Lately I’ve realized that when I have a strong emotional response to something a politician says while trying to sell another war – that means – we Americans are seeing another false flag propaganda campaign. Most certainly the ISIS is a evil, bad, nasty cast of creeps. But are American lives worth investing in this particular war? Seeing how the ISIS mess was created by America in the first place. What is happening in that desert is a religious civil war. The guy we installed as leader in Iraq has been replaced. Saddam’s generals were fired by the U.S. in order to create a more perfect army, loyal to the U.S. That worked out really really well. Unintended consequences is something the Predator nations never seem to factor into the equation when they beat the war drums.

Additional links and comments.

Five things that could go wrong with Obama’s war plans.

More on the war build up and Obama’s options from David Corn at Mother Jones online.

Here’s an oldie but goodie way to defeat ISIS – Follow the Money. Well duh. What about all that STUFF needed to run an army of 10,000 to 15,000 men? The NSA can spy on US citizens to the smallest detail and all the rest of the easy spying. Why were so many linguists experts in Middle Eastern languages fired (because they were gay) when this expertise is needed to track and follow the low life misogynistic slime balls who call themselves ISIS warriors? Talk about short sighted and flat out stupid.


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