Warfare and the economy

For the last few decades we Americans have been trained to use credit cards and online shopping via Amazon and hundreds of other online retailers. We pull out our credit or debit cards to pay for gas, groceries, clothes, flowers, ferry trips and gifts. As we learned from the investigative Washington Post article about police seizing cash at traffic stops – it isn’t safe to carry cash. Drug sniffing dog will alert on cash – even if the cash comes straight from the bank.

What happens if our credit cards become useless because major retailers like Home Depot and Target have been hacked? And the hack was from unfriendly foreign hackers who target all Americans – because they believe we are to blame for the actions of our government? I didn’t vote for the bastards and neither did  many of the people who shopped recently at Target and Home Depot. It turns out that the foreign hackers who stole millions of credit card number from Target used a variant of the same malware used to back Home Depot. The stolen credit card numbers have turned up on a website run by folks who are haters of everyone and everything that defines America. We are not a perfect people – we are humans with faults. This can be said about humans in general. Yet the hate is out there and also here in America.

This habit of hating whole groups of people for their religion, or race or nationality is stupid and destructive. More than likely millions of credit card owners will be getting that notification about a new CC is in the mail please notify all of you account of your new CC number.

Home Depot took a very long time to publicly admit that their customers CC numbers might have been compromised. Tech blogs and websites have been alerting their readers about the newest breach of security. Apparently Home Depot is still looking into this problem.

Brian Krebs in the quote below is a well known security expert who worked on identifying the security breach at Target several months ago.

Text strings discovered in the malware pointed to Web sites that criticized America’s involvement in Libya, the Ukraine, and other foreign regions. Krebs’ own investigation of Rescator discovered a related domain that referenced Libya’s late leader Muammar Gaddafi with a blog post that contained some “harsh and frankly chilling anti-American propaganda.”

The breach that hit Target last year affected more than 40 million customers. CNET contacted Home Depot and will update the story with any further details.

This isn’t NSA alerting we the people about a massive security breach. Nope NSA is far too busy reading our email and looking for nude photos or whatever the hell those peeping toms are doing in the walled up money pit  towers. No one in government seems to give a damned about how we the people’s tax dollars are spent – and they sure as hell don’t ask us.

NSA is caught with their collective pants down again. Any guesses on who the guys work for who stole all those nude photos? Spies and blackmailing often go together – anyway that’s the story in spy novels. If it can be imagine what are the chances that sort of evil really is happening in the real world. Judges who rule consistently for one side, politicians who always vote special interests way?

By now the security divisions of credit card companies must have the retail security breach down to a science. I wonder how the consultation of ex NSA directors is helping with this newest CC breach? Just asking, just wondering.


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