Mental illness and cops do not mix

More news of cops killing mentally ill human being. This time in Utah. Man has blunt practice sword and is shot by cops. Cops go silent until they can concoct story. Family of mentally ill person are angry. Well of course they are.

This is the same state where cops shoot someone for not instantly bowing down to the cop greatness. The brother who witnessed the cops execute his brother said he was listening to music with ear buds stuck in his ears and most likely could not hear the cops ordering him to bow to their supreme greatness. SNARK about supreme greatness.

In some cases the cops are the ones who are mentally ill. In this case the cops were behaving like a gang. A man who is ill with Huntington’s disease, dying actually slowly is mistaken by a gang of cops as being on drugs. So the man is taken to the ground and beaten savagely by this cop gang. The beating went on for over 10 minutes. We know because a woman driving by took video of the cop gang. With apologies to pigs, these cops are acting like predatory wild boars taking down prey.

The person who witnessed and recorded the vicious cop gang attack was badgered and threatened by the cops. This man was not on drugs, he has Huntington’s disease which is a terminal neurological disease which affects the coordination and causes involuntary muscle movements. This a genetic disease with no known cure. How can uneducated, stupid thugs be allowed on the streets to beat the crap out of someone who is unable to fight back or even explain that he is slowly dying and not “on drugs”.

Over the last few months news outlets have been reporting dozens of cases of police brutality. Albuquerque, New Mexico has an extremely high kill rate by cops. The video of a homeless man being gunned down by cops for camping in a public place was an eye opener for many Americans.

The mentally ill are frequent targets of the cop gangs. Now it seems that cops in order to fight the drug war are also beating the crap out of someone who is “different” who acts “strange” because of a neurological disease.

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a neurodegenerativegenetic disorder that affects muscle coordination and leads to cognitive decline and behavioral[1]symptoms. It typically becomes noticeable in mid-adult life. HD is the most common genetic cause of abnormal involuntary writhing movements called chorea, which is why the disease used to be called Huntington’s chorea.

The children who watched their father being beaten learned a hard lesson.

Why do I know about this disease and the roving cop gangs are unaware and uneducated about this disease? What sort of selection process do individual applying to be cops go through. Obviously the selection process is lacking on Nation wide.

Woody Guthrie died from complication due to Huntington’s. June 6th is designated as “National Huntington’s Disease Awareness Day” by the U.S. Senate. Woody Guthrie wrote . . . This land is your land, this land is my land . . . . He was a folk singer, and song writer. His son Arlo Guthrie has followed in his father’s foot steps. The younger Guthrie has added acting to his list of accomplishments – Alice’s Restaurant – starring Arlo Guthrie had a sub story about Huntington’s disease.

There is an ongoing project to track and log all incidents of cop violence. This information was supposed to have been collected by law by the Justice department for years. Right now the only data on record is reported on a voluntary basis. That number is around 400 deaths caused by cops. The actual total is closer to 2,000 killed by cops per year in the U.S. So, yeah team, USA, USA is number one in the world.

Additional links and information

When I did an Internet search for projects to collect data on police violence the search returned links for cop deaths. So we are aware that there is a tiny conflict with the antique motto of “serve and protect”. But what I did find, right there among the cop death memorials was a law firm that specializes in law suits for victims of police vehicle pursuits.

High speed police chases kill hundreds of people—including law enforcement officials, alleged criminals and innocent civilians—each year in the United States.  The wrongful deaths and personal injuries caused by a police chase makes them one of top causes of car accidents.  While authorities are engaged in high-speed police chases to capture a fleeing suspect, there can be a disregard for the safety of other drivers as officers continue the chase well after the danger outweighs the need to apprehend the suspect.

That is why two-thirds of those injured or killed in fatal car accidents stemming from a police chase are innocent drivers and pedestrians that have nothing to do with the chase.

With the numbers of deaths and injuries due to cop violence it is not surprising that there are law firms specializing in police officer victimization of civilians. This is a smart move and money speaks. Wow I had no idea of law firms recognizing a need for their services- internet searches often yield side trips to new information.

Someone has to do it. Project to collect data on police shootings.

Another article about the lack of official record keeping. Who is watching the watchman? The article asks.

National Police Abuse Project.

Exactly how often do cops shoot unarmed black men? The questions and awareness of unjustified shootings started with the death of Michael Brown. What also happened is that a whole lot of haters exposed themselves. This link contains statistics, links and graphic related to police shootings, or police violence.

Amnesty International has taken notice of all the shootings by police.

Deaths due to police use of Tasers.

Civilians killed by cops since 9/11. About 5,000. This list at Mint Press News has powerful video of police violence and brutality. These video clips represent a tiny fraction of the thousands of victims of police brutality. This violence is epidemic. The problem is that most Americans seem to approve of police violence. Police violence was on full display at the Occupy Wall Street events. A young woman, Cecily Macmillan had a cop come up behind her and grab her boob. She resisted the sexual assault so cops piled on her and beat her. She was arrested, tried and found guilty by “citizens” of the U.S.. The thing is no one will care until they are personally beaten by cops. There seems to be very little empathy in America.

Police brutality has been part of this Nation since its birth. But the SWAT teams attacking and breaking into homes is something new (or not). British soldiers used to do this to leaders of the American fight for Independence.

Wendy Davis of Colorado has a post up on Firedoglake – Counting Deadly Encounters with Police. As usual Wendy as done the research and has collected a list of projects to count the dead. We really do need this data. It is not surprising that the militarized police departments are hiding, not reporting the shocking details of out of control cops who are getting away with murder on a daily basis. We hear about every single cop’s death while on duty – and those numbers have been steadily decreasing. Both statistics are important.

What is happening too often in this century is that the deliberate militarization of the policeman changed their behavior. Unarmed People are shot in the back by cops. Some of these murders were caught on video.


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