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Religious wars pick one

World events has always interested me. Perhaps the reason for my interest is because I grew up in Hawaii which a cultural melting pot. I went to a local church which could have doubled as a U.N. assembly. The thing about current world news are all the hot spots world wide that are battles between religious factions or ethnic religious countries. Some of the worst blood shed is happening on the African Continent. The religious wars and deaths due to Ebola seem to be having a macabre battle for most kills. Some of the Ebola deaths can be blamed on primitive religious beliefs. In the early stages of the most current Ebola epidemic the western doctors trying to treat the victims needed guards in some areas. The uneducated local believed Ebola was a western hoax.

In modern times some African ethnic groups have been converted to Christian religions and Islamic religions. The results of choosing sides in an old religious war is predictable. The Central African Republic has an estimated death toll of over 5,000. According to news reports the war began with followers of the Islamic religion attacking followers of Christian religions. So the Christians formed their own fighting gangs and they attacked and killed people in Islamic enclaves. The fighting goes back and forth with no end in sight. These religions are not indigenous to that part of Africa.

Good research subject – when was the Islamic religion introduced into the interior of Africa? I have read that Moslem traders from the Middle East introduced Islamic religions into Africa several hundreds of years ago. Something to do with the slave trade. The Christian religions were introduced during the European colonial era, which is a more recent cultural introduction. Missionaries from many different Christian denominations have or are serving in Africa. Explorers are followed by traders who are followed by the missionaries. This was the pattern in Hawaii. Oh and then the military is also sent to take over and colonize chunks of real estate.

The other wars on th African Continent of course are in the Middle East. ISIS is the current evil monster from hell – worse than El Quaida, we are told. Soldiers are killing people who refuse to convert and making an exception for some of the women. Raping is part of war.

Not to be outdone the Israeli and Palestinian continue their ancient war – part religion and part war for resources.

Not to be out done ethnic groups and religious groups in Asia also have little tolerance for the each other. Of course the are two major predator Nations in Asia – China and Japan. India and Pakistan go at each other – different religions and ethnic groups.

The biggest lop sided war is of course the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. The big technological advantage goes to Israel. But as the Americans learned in Vietnam – the side with the most technology can also be the looser. I interviewed someone was at the American Embassy in Saigon when the staff was airlifted out from the top of the roof. The Embassy staff kept busy while waiting to be air lifted by shredding documents. It was reported to the American public that the Embassy staff was heroic, or perhaps that was my conclusion based on the implications of shredding document. All vital and super secret documents had been dealt with before the dramatic photos of the awkward exit, according to people who were there. What ever, those secrets aren’t secrets to the Vietnamese who took possession of the former U.S. Embassy. Did the Buddhists win that war? Because there was an religious aspect to the Vietnam War. French Catholic and Buddhist.

The war in the Central African Republic is worrisome because the idiots who are reported to start the war are in the minority. Of course we could think of religion as a tribal sort of loyalty and then this would be a civil war between religious groups.

The Civil War in America was a tribal war – North against south which was also about resources and economics.

Tribe – tribal defined – Wikipedia entry link

tribe is viewed, historically or developmentally, as a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states. Many people used the term “tribal society” to refer to societies organized largely on the basis of social, especially familial, descent groups (see clan and kinship). A customary tribe in these terms is a face-to-face community, relatively bound by kinship relations, reciprocal exchange, and strong ties to place.[1]

“Tribe” is a contested term due to its roots in colonialism. The word has no shared referent, whether in political form, kinship relations, or shared culture. Some argue that it conveys a negative connotation of a timeless unchanging past.[2][3][4] To avoid these implications, some have chosen to use the terms “ethnic group“, or nation instead.[2][3][4]

In some places, such as North America and India, tribes are polities that have been granted legal recognition and limited autonomy by the state


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