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ISIS Attention Getting again

This time the ISIS murder victim is a British citizen, David Haines. The Guardian an online news source has evaluated the ISIS produced videos – so we don’t have to watch or listen to the ISIS psychopath wearing black pajamas. According to The Guardian, this video was probably produced by the same person or persons who produced the video of the murder of two American civilians. This third video appears to have been made in order to get a reaction from the UK leadership.

If the motive is to provoke the predator countries into attacking areas of the Middle East – that strategy seems to be working. But why? We know it is easy to whip up civilian’s blood lust, we’ve seen this happen repeatedly in the post WWII era. One of the big differences between last century and this century is the use of social media. These ISIS nut jobs can reach a huge audience. What is the underlying reasons that ISIS has to produce and publish these snuff videos? The civilians are being murdered by for some sort of long range goal. IMHO.

Could be to recruit psychopaths and true believer fundamentalist Islamic cult members?

ISIS began fighting in Syria and the take over of Syria is probably still the ultimate goal of the lunatic based group. So the ultimate goal of the U.S. Government and ISIS remains the same – removing President Assad from power. The goal is to control Syria and the final route of gas from Qatar to the Mediterranean Sea and the markets of Europe. William K. Tabb said that wars are largely about resources. This link pretty much covers the reasons for the bloody wars in Africa. What or who will replace Assad and will life without Assad be a safer place for e omen and children? The Civil war in Syria makes life very dangerous for civilians. Have the idiots on both sides forgotten that it is the civilian population supporting the government and the military?

The close relation between war and natural resources is of long standing. What else was colonial conquest about? Vast estates held by the Dutch East India Company came under direct control of the Crown as did the lands conquered by the British East India Company. What was in demand in Europe dictated the commodities produced and the natural resources that were ripped from the earth. European violence set the terms on which resource extraction occurred. There was no free trade for mutual benefit based on comparative advantage. There were few constraints on the violence employed in the extraction of resources starting with the “shock and awe” of bombardments and fire storms of wars of conquest and followed by the pitiless subjugation of people of color. Having defeated the locals in battle the invaders suborned local elites and customs to extract resources from those they had conquered.

. . . .

It should be pointed out that when we speak of wars in the last third of the twentieth century we are talking about civil wars. Between 1965 and 1999 if we look at those wars in which more than a thousand people were killed a year, there were seventy-three civil wars, almost all driven by greed to control resources—oil, diamonds, copper, cacao, coca, and even bananas. Collier and Anke Hoeffler find countries with one or two primary export resources have more than a one-in-five chance of civil war in any given year.4 In countries with no such dominant products there is a one in a hundred chance. In these civil wars more than 90 percent of casualties are civilians. At the start of the twentieth century war casualties were 90 percent soldiers. Such “traditional” wars are rare today. Resource wars with their devastating impacts on civilians have become the norm.

Addition links and comments

What is it with the U.S. Government – the Obama administration threatening the parents if they tried to raise ransom for the first two ISIS murder victims? Civilians are the target.

Another case of modern warfare in tight Urban environments where civilians are being targeted. When the IDF commanding officers targeted Gaza the officers knew that they were targeting civilians especially the children. The Israeli war is about resources: land, water and gas off of the Gaza coast. Targeting civilians and targeting civilian infrastructure as a way to eliminate the Indigenous population- that has nowhere to go. Israel will use emotional triggers to manipulate American civilians. That would be older Americans who get their news from traditional sources.

Civilians were targeted in the September 11 attack on the twin Towers by terrorists. Then the U.S. Government went batshit crazy and designated we the people as the enemy – we are all suspects now. It is almost as if there is some sort of cultural evolutionarily psychic unity going on where citizens are targeted by their governments. Psychic unity is a cultural Anthropology theory to explain the parallel development of culture in isolated regions of the world. There are physical abstract symbols which appear to have created on rock faces about the same time but by people who lived in remote regions. I wrote a thesis paper on this subject ages ago for my Anthropology theory class in college ages ago. At the time this seemed like a very far out of reality subject. Now a days as I watch world events I’m thing there is some validity to Carl Jung’s theory*.

But the millennial generation has other ideas. They don’t get their news from biased cable news and they are called cable cutters and aren’t as vulnerable to government propaganda as the cable dependent generations. Interesting. Israeli propaganda reaches those that only get their news from cable news outlets – the older generation.

Personally I believe the propaganda angle. I cut the cable and network news cord ten years ago and my views and opinions seem to be closer to many the millennial generation than my own older age group. Facebook is for the birds. Twitter is often a first person eyewitness reports about significant events. Blogs are another news source – often taking a closer looks at current events and breaking news and cussing multiple news sources as well Twitter feeds.

On a side note – I have no idea what cable “reality shows” are and from what little I’ve read about the “stars” of those aberrations, that programming is a total waste of the short life span we humans have. IMHO.

*More on the history of the theory of Collective Unconscious or Psychic Unity


Adolf] Bastian is remembered as one of the pioneers of the concept of the ‘psychic unity of mankind’ – the idea that all humans share a basic mental framework. This became the basis in other guises of 20th centurystructuralism, and influenced Carl Jung‘s idea of the collective unconscious. He also argued that the world was divided up into different ‘geographical provinces’ and that each of these provinces moved through the same stages of evolutionary development. According to Bastian, innovations and culture traits tended not to diffuse across areas. Rather, each province took its unique form as a result of its environment. This approach was part of a larger nineteenth century interest in the ‘comparative method’ as practiced by anthropologists such as Edward B. Tylor.

[Wikipedia entry under Adolf Bastian]

Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious, also a Wikipedia entry under “Collective Unconscious”
Collective unconscious is a term of analytical psychology, coined by Carl Jung. It is proposed to be a part of theunconscious mind, expressed in humanity and all life forms with nervous systems, and describes how the structure of the psyche autonomously organizes experience. Jung distinguished the collective unconscious from the personal unconscious, in that the personal unconscious is a personal reservoir of experience unique to each individual, while the collective unconscious collects and organizes those personal experiences in a similar way with each member of a particular species.

By following the highlighted links in the Wikipedia article we find ourselves in the middle of a philosophy debate about our shared humanity.


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