Moderate rebels in Syria?

Cannonfire blog has been reading the news media reports about the most recent ISIS drama ,most of which are verbatim copies of government press releases. Identical phases used  is one clue. From the beginning Middle East observers have been saying that there are NO moderate Syrian rebels. It turns out that the “moderate rebels” captured the latest victim of the ISIS black pajamas brigade. The “moderate” Syrian rebels sold the kidnap victims to ISIS. Two aid workers were kidnapped by the Syrian rebels at the same time, the Italian kidnapped victim is back home, a ransom was paid. The UK kidnapped victim is dead. The UK claims it did not negotiate with ISIS. The “moderate” rebels kidnapped the aid workers and sold them to their buddies the ISIS. That is all we need to know about who the worst of the bad guys are. They are all bad guys.

The Kurds are the least bad guys in this whirring blender of blood, guts and political drama called the Middle East. The Kurds are fighting for their homeland. Plus the Kurds have women fighters. One of the reason that the Kurdish women fight is that the ISIS are misogynistic terroristic creeps. I liked the quote from one of the Kurdish woman warrior – she said the ISIS men don’t even allow women to go to the market. We know conditions are far worse but this astute observation is understood universally by all women that much more is at stake than going to the market.

The point is that there is very little difference between the “moderate” Syrian rebels and the ISIS. The three beheaded victims were delivered into the hands of the ISIS black pajamas gang. All of the rebels are religious intolerant misogynistic tribal lunatics.

So is the U.S. Government working for Israel? If we consider who wins with absolute and utter chaos in the Middle East – that would be Israel. Libya is a such an underwhelming success story of Neocon Nation unbuilding. Syria will go in exactly the same downward spiral into chaos once the nasty Assad is gone. Each of the civil wars mean millions of civilian victims. One does not need to be dead to be a victim.

Meanwhile back in America Senator Graham is clinching his pearls screaming that ISIS is coming to get us all. What? Has he done something he feels guilty about? Every photo of Senator Graham I see – the dude gets uglier and uglier. Has he cornered the market on ugly pills?

Apparently Obama’s handlers really want Assad out of the way. Obama wants funds to fight ISIS and for the “moderate” Syrian rebels who have already made a peace agreement with the ISIS thugs in black pajamas.

Read the Cannonfire blog entry linked above for the nasty details of our double talking, triple lying government. We are being lied to again so that the military industrial complex can bleed America dry. Meanwhile millions of children in the U.S. are living below the poverty line and going hungry.

Currently I am reading Juan Cole’s newest book – The New Arabs – How the Millennial Generation is Changing the Middle East. Juan Cole is a historian so he gives his readers a lot of back story about how various Middle East countries became so corrupt. I’ve only read the first two chapters. This isn’t a dry academic text but rather written in the style of a knowledgeable blogger who knows how to explain a complex subject so that non academics can understand.

Additional Links and comments

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Propaganda value of images – the image of the Orange prison jumpsuits of the Getmo prisoners of the U.S. military, the Ukraine army private topless mocking Putin, the Orange jumpsuits of the ISIS beheading victims. What these images mean as propaganda. Then there is the fact that we are dealing with real time hard core propaganda. And then the parallel of the almost constant beheadings in Saudi Arabia – for political crimes and mundane crimes.


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