More cop violence against teenagers

There is a pattern emerging of police brutality against teenagers – from the execution of Michael Brown for the crime of walking while Black and being young to the brutal take down of a 17 year old kid because the window on his car was stuck. Same state – Missouri, Independence Missouri and the kid was white. The kid is also the son of a police officer. Which is why this story is getting wide news coverage. Body cameras NOW for all cops. No exceptions. Body camera not working then put that cop in jail.

So far I’ve read two reason given for why the cop pulled the teenager over – first reason a tail light or something wasn’t working. Second reason the teen was supposedly driving a car associated with a female felon. Was the teen’s car flagged by one of those computer license plate readers which are known to be faulty?

The 17 year old teenager is pulled over by a cop – trained to kill and not much else it seems, a cop who is a professional liar. Now a days we have to accept the reality that cops and politicians are professional liars. We have two stories from the cops (according to two news sources) about why a 17 year old kid is now in the hospital in critical condition. A simple traffic stop – kid refuses to open window so cop opens car door and is fearful for his life so he Tasers the 17 year old and pulls the teenager out if the car.

This traffic stop was witnessed and caught on video. When the cop pulled the teenager from the car the victim’s head hit the pavement – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that tossing a victim of electrical shock on the pavement could cause a brain injury. Then the cop puts his foot on the teenager’s back in  brutal manner according to witnesses, while the victim was having convulsions. When the EMTs arrived they had to revive the teenager. Sounds like he died and was brought back by the EMTs. The teen is now in critical condition and is in a medically induced coma.

Of course the cop’s bosses are claiming that their cop acted lawfully. Blah blah blah the usual cop shop B.S.

The F.B.I is looking into this case. That sounds encouraging -NOT. Not with the history of the F.B.I. that has found that all agent involved shootings are justified. No unjustified shootings ever. How do cops get away with so many cases of violence and brutality? The corrupt justice system and corrupt F.B.I.

The witnesses tell us that the driver’s side window was stuck. In the Gawker comment section below the article about this 17 year old kid many comments were about how their car also had a faulty window and it wouldn’t roll down. They commentators hoped that they wouldn’t be stopped. Electric car window can get stuck without any warning. Sometimes these cars have a hidden “safety” feature which is a hidden button to lock the window. Then there are mechanical failures. The inability to be submissive and roll down a window for the cop brings a real conflict and is apparently all the reason a cop needs to use his or her weapons.

Fact is that too many cops are shooting first. What I’m seeing as someone who was trained, in personality assessment for job qualifications for employment, is that either the psychological evaluations are not being done or the test used are not appropriate for the job of police officer. There are too many cops out there who are dangerous to the citizens. Most of the victims of police brutality are black but not all. Many of the victim’s are female – so this isn’t just young males as the only victims. Individual with medical emergencies have also been targeted by out of control cops. Diabetics have been targeted as well as those with neurodegenerative diseases.

Will any improvements happen? Not with the current Supremes on the court. The good news that I found while researching the efforts to collect data on police brutality is that there are law firms organized to help victims of police brutality sue cop shops for the actions of their cops. Which means this wave of police violence is costing tax payers – but this seems the only way to change the system.

Cops protect their own and they are all professional liars. (Proof of the cover ups and lying by Ferguson, MO, cop shop). The lone cop that might be truthful will be judged as dishonest because of the acceptance that cops are uniformly dishonest. (For instance the rash of suicides of people while in police custody. The suicide happened while the guys hands were handcuffed behind his back, after the guy was searched, in  locked cop car.)

Additional links and information

Man shot in the back while running away not lunging at cops as cops claim. More professional liars at work.

Here’s a case from 2008. A teenager falls from overpass, breaks his back and passersby calls for help. Cops arrive and Taser injured boy 19 times and then make up stories as to why they tapered an already severely injured human being. More information about injured boy tasered by cops. Unbelievable. Pigs with zero empathy.

New York Daily news coverage of 17 year old tapered by cops and now is in coma.

NBC covers story of 17 year old being tasered by cops. The cops shop claims that cops was within guidelines. Seems like the damned guidelines need changing.

Women are not exempt from police brutality. A woman sitting in her car, gets sideswiped by another car. The victim end up getting tasered several time. Cops get involved in a minor fender bender and escalated it into beating up on the victim.

A Florida case that I read about when it happened. An artist with a bright future murder by cops.

Cops shoot first and then make up stories. The teen years are hard enough without out of control cops showing up to make a family dispute worse.

Police brutality in New Jersey. 99 % of police brutality cases never see the light of day.

Tons of links about the epidemic of police brutality.

These links are merely the tip of the iceberg.

America we have a problem – the cops are out of control. NOT all the cops – but the rest of the cops are protecting the bad cops. One rotten Apple can spoil the whole bag of apples.

*Noam Chomsky has remarked on liars in high office — which applies to the cops shops of America as well as politicians.

The right to lie in the service of power is guarded with considerable
vigor and passion. This becomes evident whenever anyone takes the
trouble to demonstrate that charges against some official enemy are
inaccurate or, sometimes, pure invention. The immediate reaction among
the commissars is that the person is an apologist for the real crimes
of official enemies.

QUESTION: You have said that most intellectuals end up obfuscating reality. Do they understand the reality they are obfuscating? Do they understand the social processes they mystify?

CHOMSKY: Most people are not liars. They can’t tolerate too much cognitive dissidence. I don’t want to deny that there are outright liars, just brazen propagandists. You can find them in journalism and in the academic professions as well. But I don’t think that’s the norm. The norm is obedience, adoption of uncritical attitudes, taking the easy path of self-deception. I think there’s also a selective process in the academic professions and journalism. That is, people who are independent minded and cannot be trusted to be obedient don’t make it, by and large. They’re often filtered out along the way.


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