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Meanwhile in the MIddle East

There is war fever in the air. ” Nothing like the smell of Napalm in the morning”. Says the crazy General in that old movie about the Vietnam war.

I do like the new – old story that Bill Clinton does not like nor trust Netanyahu. If anyone knows the truth about sleaze bag Netanyahu that would be former President Clinton who had face to face dealing with the genocidal loving nutjob.

Cannonfire blog is looking into the source of the ISIS beheading video from a Mossad linked website. How is it that this website manages to acquire terroristic video which just somehow reinforces the bloodlust in Israel’s personal attack dogs – the U.S. military? There is a whole lot of psychological manipulation going on and the source almost always goes back to Israel.

Granted the Jews were murdered in vast numbers in the LAST century. What happened to the European Jews under the Hitler/Nazi reign was grotesquely terrible. Unfortunately genocide is as old as humans have formed tribes and did battle with each other over resources and mythology or religion. What happened in the concentration camps and the ghettos of Europe should never be permitted to happen again.

But unfortunately genocidal mass murders have continued – sometimes with the help of the U.S. Government and U.S. politicians. Central America has a genocidal history as does South America – Chile and Argentina are examples.

Then there are the most recent genocidal murders, by the very ethnic group that I would have voted least likely to resort to genocide. Over 2,000 Palestinians are exterminate in Gaza using the latest war technology by the Israeli Army. After many of us were raised to admire and respect Israel – the Israeli people and their politicians have betrayed the world. Religious wars are theorist brutal and terrible. People are worked up into a killing frenzy. The videos of peace demonstrators being mocked and brutalized in Israel are lasting reminders that former victims can become monsters.

My question asked days ago was what Nation or group benefits from the release of ISIS members beheading U.S. citizens? Shock value. Come get me if you dare – value. Cannonfire has asked the questions that the corporate media should be asking – where did the beheading videos come from? How is it that these specific videos manage to end up on a Mossad linked website? What is in it for the Israeli if the U.S. again fights another war for Israel?  If it turns out that the Mossad was somehow involved in the casual disregard of human life, like they were when the U.S. Navy ship Liberty, was deliberately bombed by the Israeli air force, would American politicians even care?

Bill Clinton, in his latest discussion with his fans about Israel, said something like this: Israel thinks they are the world’s superpower and that America is supposed to do their bidding. Seems like we need Bill Clinton back in office to put a leash on Netanyahu’s over inflated ego.

Those beheading videos were awful, as they were meant to be. And mind you I haven’t even watched the videos. My rule of thumb is when my reaction to a staged event is overly emotional, then there is a high probability that the staged event, was deliberate propaganda to trigger a mob reaction.

Cannonfire is correct – Israel needs to be invaded and put under the rule of a neutral country. Palestine needs to be recognized and also put under the rule of a neutral country. The current Israeli politicians need to be removed and tried for war crimes. Neither side is pure or innocent. If Palestine has the upper hand their actions would be similar to Israel’s. Both sides must be forced to negotiate a treaty fair to both – this will not happen until they are forced to get along. The U.S. is largely at fault for the current mess. If Israel is forced to stay out of messing with other countries in the region and the people of each country are allowed to form a government of the people and for the people then most of the violence and religious and ethnic bloodshed would stop (in theory). Juan Cole sees a lot of positive changes happening in the middle east.

My take on the middle east is that women must be part of the political and peace process. Human Rights are Women’s Rights. Juan Cole has a chapter on the Tunisian millennial’s peaceful efforts to modernize their country – and women are deeply involved in this process. In the countries where women’s input is ignored or the are marginalized then the change process is more violent – Egypt for example or Sudan.

The Middle East (M.E.) is a complex place, many countries in a small geographical area. That doesn’t mean that Americans should ignore the M.E. and let the politicians do their general job of making things worse. Our tax dollars are being spent without our input. This ISIS mess is  perfect example of propaganda and the tail wagging the dog. We Americans are being conned – by the chief liar in the White House. I don’t have the answers I need more information about what is really happening and what sort of future the millennial want.

Noam Chomsky has made an observation about Americans knowledge of the finer details of sports. But yet when it comes to International Politics there is a general lack of knowledge. This ignorance of what is happening overseas in a “foreign land” allows the politicians to lie and use propaganda to manipulate our opinions. Which is how Bush/Cheney managed to lie us into the last Iraq war, which was a cake walk, NOT.


QUESTION: You have said that most intellectuals end up obfuscating reality. Do they understand the reality they are obfuscating? Do they understand the social processes they mystify?

CHOMSKY: Most people are not liars. They can’t tolerate too much cognitive dissidence. I don’t want to deny that there are outright liars, just brazen propagandists. You can find them in journalism and in the academic professions as well. But I don’t think that’s the norm. The norm is obedience, adoption of uncritical attitudes, taking the easy path of self-deception. I think there’s also a selective process in the academic professions and journalism. That is, people who are independent minded and cannot be trusted to be obedient don’t make it, by and large. They’re often filtered out along the way.


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