Taliban dress code for female students

Update – I reread my own article and found the problem and solution.

The symptom of the problem is the girls trying to cool down enough to concentrate on school. HOT HOT the damned schools are an inhumane place because of the heat. Fire most of the over paid school administration and bring in air conditioners. Problem solved.


So far the Superintendent at a high school in New York, hasn’t demanded that high school girls wear the full body covering black shrouds, that school girls wear in Saudi Arabia and other patriarchal misogynistic countries. But the male Superintendent and his female enforcers, are busy shaming young women and interfering with female student’s education. Read the Guardian’s article here.

It is hot HOT in New York. I’ve lived on the East coast during a heat wave. That was years ago and it is now hotter and the heat waves last longer.

Haven’t we learned – didn’t my generation inform you ass holes running schools that discrimination against female humans is wrong and probably illegal? Shaming girls for showing skin when it is miserably hot is stupid. It appears that girls will be fighting and re-fighting this battle. The problem is in the mind (and pants) of the balled male who should NOT be in that position in the first place. You want a dress code then let the girls write a dress code that they can live with. Bear in mind that when the temperatures are steaming hot each girl will write her own dress code. The problem with that dress code is that 90% affected by the code are female. Air condition the damned schools – how about that idea? Portable air conditioning units. Fire some of the dress code enforcers and that superintendent – that would free up money for air conditioning.

What is it with some males? Give them power over females and the first thing they want to do is shame females for having nasty little bits that his mind can’t deal with because he never learned control. Where did this idiot male go to school? I’m betting he graduated from a Christaliban college or goes to one of those misogynist churches. This is about the administration NOT the girls. How about a real background check on the school administration. Did these folks pass a psych evaluation?

Full disclosure – back in the dark ages when I was in high school I was send home for wearing culottes*.

Another latter-day use of the word culottes describes a split or divided skirt or any garment which “hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants.”  culotte a divided skirt; also, a garment having a divided skirt [Often used in plural].

Perhaps American educators need a history course in clothing styles through the ages and a women’s studies course about teenage girls.


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