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NYC Cops stealing bikes

When I think that NYC cops have sunk to the lowest level in their sewers – along comes another scheme. Bike owers lock their bikes to immovable object. Lots of people ride their bikes to work. Now police are stealing bikes because they claim the bike is GOING to be stolen. So how are bike owners supposed to know if the bike is stolen by a bike thief or bike stealing cops? How much money are cops making of unclaimed bikes stolen by cops? Recovery of the bikes stolen cops is an involved process involving absolute proof that you own your own bicycle.

Another thing cops do is make up laws. The cop shop stealing the bikes claim that there is a law against chaining and locking bikes to city property. LIAR.

Not to be all negative I have read hero cop stories – these good cops saved dogs from drowning. Two different stories, two different cops. There were several stories about bad cop today, but anyone can find these stories with very little effort. These stories make me sad. When I was in the first grade I and a small group of classmates were rescued by a police officer who was out looking for missing children. Our ride home bailed on us so we tried to walk home – fifteen miles. The police officer delivered us to our homes. When he got to my home he lectured my mother for not alerting the police to the fact that I was hours late. That was back in the dark ages.


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