Political double talk – secret and not secret

Two stories listed on Memorandum dot com that demonstrate that America is in the hands of an Authoritarian and dogmatic controllers. If Obama isn’t in charge of the government march toward Authoritarian rule – then what or who is? Obama’s promises made while he was candidate Obama – was the trick all politicians pull on voters. Tell the voters what they want to hear and ignore the masses once in office. [Frankly I now believe that whoever won the White House would be following the paranoid keep everything secret path.]

Story number one — The Federal government under Obama has become more secretive, making reporter’s jobs harder. To get information that by law should merely require a freedom of information request requires a law suit. Information requests by the media is very often forwarded to political appointees. This detail tells me that the secrecy obsession goes right to the top. Some people believe that Obama is a C.I.A. groomed and owned asset.

” 1) As the United States ramps up its fight against Islamic militants, the public can’t see any of it.”
” 2) . . . Think about the message that sends other nations about how the world’s leading democracy deals with the media: Keep them out and let them use handout photos.”
” 3) Guantanamo: The big important 9/11 trial is finally coming up. But we aren’t allowed to see most court filings in real time — even of nonclassified material. . .”
” 4) Information about Guantanamo that was routinely released under President George W. Bush is now kept secret.” Oops Obama is worst than the Bush gang was. Imagine what the liberals would have written if Bush had been this secretive?
” 5) Day-to-day intimidation of sources is chilling. AP’s transportation reporter’s sources say that if they are caught talking to her, they will be fired.” Whistleblowers are hounded and in some cases jailed.
” 6) One of the media — and public’s — most important legal tools, the Freedom of Information Act, is under siege.” Requests are ignored or the press is forced to bring a lawsuit to make the government obey the law.
” 7) The administration uses FOIAs as a tip service to uncover what news organizations are pursuing. Requests are now routinely forwarded to political appointees.” This is where the evidence is hidden by the author of this article about the ultimate source of the new secrecy rules.
” 8) The administration is trying to control the information that state and local officials can give out. The FBI has directed local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology the police departments use to sweep up cellphone data.” And in Washington State in Tacoma where a Fusion Center is located plus majority military installations is where one of the phony cell towers that intercepts cell phone traffic.

Story number two — A conviction for a collection of child pornography was tossed because of the method used to break into the computer where the files were found. The U.S. Navy went on a fishing exposition through a massive number of civilian computers in Washington State. No warrant but apparently once the Navy discovered that they had full access they went digging through private and secret files of civilians. The military was attaching civilians. One guy was caught with dirty secrets. At this point we need to ask how many ordinary, everyday secrets were stolen from computers in Washington State?

Navy criminal investigators repeatedly and routinely peeked into the computers of private citizens in Washington state and elsewhere, a violation of the law so “massive” and egregious that an appeals court says it has no choice but to throw out the evidence against an Algona, Wash., man sentenced to 18 years in prison for distribution of child pornography.

The three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a decision handed down last week, said the 2012 prosecution of Michael Allan Dreyer by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Seattle demonstrated Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) agents “routinely carry out broad surveillance activities that violate” the Posse Comitatus Act, a Reconstruction-era law that prohibits the military from enforcing civilian laws.

The court called the violations “extraordinary” and said evidence presented in Dreyer’s prosecution appears to show that “it has become a routine practice for the Navy to conduct surveillance of all the civilian computers in an entire state to see whether any child pornography can be found on them, and then to turn over that information to civilian law enforcement when no military connection exists.”

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2014/09/18/6716827/child-porn-conviction-is-tossed.html#storylink=cpy

Of course Obama and Bush are not personally responsible for the actions of military computer hackers. But the guy at the top is responsible for creating a climate where military spying on civilians can and does happen. The Coast Guard in Washington State is being used for spying on civilians as well. Since Washington State has a huge military presence it would not be surprising that more branches of the military is/was spying on Washington State civilians. Remember that the U.S. Government considers all civilians enemies. We paid taxes so we can be spied on. We pay the bills for government spying. Either civilians in Washington State are the most spied upon civilians or we are just an example of what is happening all over America “land of the free”.

Government motto – whatever the Federal Government does is secret. Whatever citizens do, say or communicate using any electronic media is owned by the Federal Government.

Additional links and information and comments

Read the full article about the porn hoarding case that was tossed due to the Navy hacking computers in Washington State because of all the military bases in Washington State. Certainly porn of preteens is bad, wrong and vile. That is not the point – the U.S. military became the police and hacked civilian computers.

The last line of the article shows us exactly why this conviction was tossed.

The opinion comes as the reach of government and law enforcement has come under fire after a series of disclosures of domestic surveillance by former National Security Administration systems analyst Edward Snowden.

Levin, who now practices law in Berkeley, Calif., also noted the controversy over the so-called “militarization of police” in the aftermath of the riots in Ferguson, Mo., following the shooting death by police of a black teenager. Exceptions to the Posse Comitatus Act allow the military to provide some equipment to police.

This,” Levin said, “is the real militarization of police_when the military becomes the police.”


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