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Reagan showed more heart than Obama

Cannonfire has posted the second part of a lecture by Norman Finkelstein giving the backstory of the latest Israeli massacre in Gaza. Reagan had more empathy for the murdered children than Obama has shown. The Israelis claim that they are the most moral and that their weapons have pin point accuracy. So we must conclude that the killing of babies, children and civilians was pin point on purpose. Ronald Reagan, when he was President, knew a liar when he heard one. Reagan had enough compassion left in his heart that the photos of dead children in Gaza got to that heart.

So now, decades later, are looking at more photos of dead babies, their lives extinguished and gone. The response of the hard core haters in both Israel and America has been predictable – they blame the babies. Victim blaming. The rockets or the tunnels are to blame. Norman Finkelstein exposes the lie. I do not want my taxes used to murder human being in Gaza. Finkelstein has words for Obama. But we know that Obama doesn’t listen nor does he give a damn. He loves war and the money that can be made from war.

Joseph Cannon of Cannonfire blog:

This is part two of my transcription of Norman Finkelstein’s important lecture about the real causes of the recent atrocity perpetrated against Gaza. Part one is here. Here, he tells the truth about those alleged “rocket attacks” and the tunnels that our media instructed you to worry about. As noted previously, I have lightly edited his words to increase readability; a video of the actual lecture is here.

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