The propaganda war vs the truth

The name of the current bad guys is Khorasan. Which sort of looks familiar like a bad guy of the last decade.

So the never ending war of the Obama White House propaganda machine continues to pump out B.S.

Who knows the truth? Well we do know that one President ago we were told a pack of lies about why tons of bombs had to be dumped on Iraq. The real reason was the oil. Hundreds of thousands of people died because – well it was their fault.

Now this new war which is a continuation of the war that never stopped anyway is Obama’s war. He no longer has to fight, a hand me down war. Plus Obama has been working very hard to get all whistleblowers to shut up. Plus using NSA and all resources at his disposal he has silenced most of the confidential sources of the few reporters who really care about FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.

So the aircraft carriers and submarines are busy dumping millions if not billions of dollars worth of bombs on this new gangster terrorists with a new name. I wonder which of the current bad guys was the liver eater? Reference to gross video of bad guy taking bites out of newly dead guy’s liver.

The reason for this war is still ownership of resources. Keep that detail in mind.

Two blog with good B.S. detectors at the helm are Digby’s blog called Hullabaloo and Cannonfire blog. They are both trying to sort through the corporate media, who merely copy + paste + report whatever B.S. the White House propaganda machine gives them. Digby tells us that the b.s. news reports are not making sense.

What ever the politicians say – this war is about the oil and gas. The sooner the little detail of removing human beings is taken care of the sooner this forever war can end. With religious extremists on both sides this wars will continue long past our life times. If historians exist at some point in the future it will be up to them to untangle the mess of lies. Perhaps a child who escapes the massacre will be a truth seeker?

Lies, lies and more lies – this is the critical skill needed by politicians – the ability to lies with conviction. I guess money is a major motivator.

The name of the newest bad guys is  Khorasan, who are way badder than the last bad guys know as ISIS who rape women of other religious sects, because they don’t have their own women yet, or not enough women. ISIS in their spare time behead hundreds or thousands. ISIS who are badder than Al Qaida who are now the – has been bad guys.

There are no moderate bad guys. The ultimate goal is to get rid of Assad the ruler of Syria. For a bunch of reasons that make sense to no one except some tiny country sitting on a massive gas field. The customers for this gas are in Europe and a pipe line running through Syria to the Mediterranean Sea would make it easier to get the gas to customers. The whole point is money and perhaps Mossad aka Israel who is probably blackmailing world leaders. Israel has an information pipeline from NSA of raw data. No one is coming out and saying what Israel needs all this raw data for. My guess would be for spying on world leaders and then for blackmail. No other reason makes sense. Blackmail would be one way to turn nearly 200% of U.S. and NATO countries into submissive servants at Israel’s bidding.

There just aren’t any real good guys in this whole war for resources. Israel doesn’t have much land or water or fuel but they are smart. They are looking out for their own interests. If they can get the bigger richer countries to back their wars, and better yet fight their wars then they are more likely to survive the resources war. Water may be the most critical resource in the war. I have read but not verified the information that Libya has an even bigger resource than oil under its sand – WATER.

If we consider Obama’s current was as a resource war and a war for access to the Mediterranean and to a huge customer base then the name of the players and stooges don’t matter in the end. It is all about control of limited resources, and money. We don’t count, we are expendable.

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