Common sense lacking in DC

Washington DC also is home to ordinary “we the people” citizens – just getting that detail out of the way. For most of us who don’t live in DC we tend to think of the politicians and political appointees who inhibit the mystical place called DC.

Now for the daily stupid. New rule – the open carry laws do not apply to black or people of color. That means if you happen to be of color and male and you are seen carrying a TOY GUN in Wal-Mart – a TOY GUN sold by Wal-Mart – you too could be shot dead by cops. The grand jury refused to do the right thing, rather choosing to pat the cops on the back for a “justified” execution murder. Nope DC is not responsible for Ohio grand juries or for racism. But the Supremes in DC are responsible for giving cops cover to gun down over a thousand humans on a yearly basis. DC has been too lazy to keep an accurate count of cop violence in the U.S.. There are a couple of citizen initiated projects that are tracking the evidence that cops in America are on a killing and violence spree.

The cops that are not directly shooting unarmed teenagers are wearing wrist bands in support of cops who do execute teenagers. That would be cops in Ferguson and nearby white ghettos. I find this sort of brotherhood unity very disgusting. Everything is related and the attitude of the military is to dehumanize the enemy. That way it is easier to get grunt soldiers to kill the thing – the other. Sort of like the cops who consider civilians as the enemy, and manage to act like an occupying foreign army, in places where the people that they are harassing, also pay their salaries. Turning other humans into enemies makes it easier for cops and soldiers to kill other human beings. Serial killers graduate from torturing and killing non human animals to stalking and killing humans. That does NOT mean that all cops and soldiers are psychopaths or killers. That just means that there seems to be an innate taboo of killing other humans. To create warriors that taboo has to be over ridden. When the value put on human life is zero . . . Bad things happen.

So now we move on to discuss this ongoing war, this never ending war, for resources in the middle east. The wack a mole game the linked article calls Obama’s very own war. Nobel laureate – Peace prize winner, Obama is ordering more death and destruction on yet another group of very nasty bad guys, in a place that is over supplied with bad guys. This “democrat” President has constructed a war that will be reported according to his wishes. The liberal? Damn it,  those sneaky bastards were just here – now where are they? Don’t the liberals question Presidents about wars? Nope not today.

The enemy is again the other, less than human and anyone who is killed by bomb dropped from a safe distance is a guilty terrorist. Those are the words from on high, so we lessor mortals need not bother ourselves with the details. All of this is so 1984 – how long will it be before yesterday’s bad guys, are the good guys, because the former bad guys have gotten control of all the oil?

Oh, wait, these new bad guys are coming here to kill us. They are the terrorists who are really dangerous. Panic attack, right on cue by conservative white politicians and talking head new readers.

Listen to the absurdity of the scare tactics and the deliberate misdirection. The reality is that any foreign bad guy will be pointed out to cop hit squads.

People of color, in the U.S. are under suspicious by any racist white guy in a store. White guy can call 911 to get a team of cop hit men to take out any person of color acting scary. No one else is scared but one white guy is. So these foreign terrorists somehow sneak into America and do what? With all the scared white guys on the look out for the bad guys . . . See how this fantasy story of the Obama political think tank bares no resemblance to America?

The facts are that our home grown born in the USA killers, are far more dangerous to us here in America. We are more likely to be killed by SWAT teams who invade the wrong address, than we are at risk from foreign terrorists. We are more likely to be killed as innocent bystanders to a police high speed chase. Police violence against citizens is where we are more likely to be injured or killed. As long as the idiot cops at the top of the pecking order continue to blame the victims, “don’t get pulled over”, then nothing at all will change. The politicians will misdirect our attention to the bad foreign guys in that terrorist incubation pit called the Middle East. (Yes, I know that not all the people in the MIddle East are terrorists – millions are homeless refugees and victims of terrorism.)

Wars are about resources and control of resources. The MIddle East has oil but is in short supply of water. Some wars are religious wars – which could be used as a cover for the real motive of the really wealthy who own the world. That motive is the absolute control of resources.

Meanwhile back in America the militarization of cop shops continues and the Congress went on vacation before deciding to keeps things as they are.

My very conservative relatives keep trying to blame the U.N. for the militarized cops. This military equipment is given to the cops to hold for the U.N. troops, they tell me they hear that on Fox news. If they can’t believe Fox news who can they believe. I’ve heard so many versions of that story.

The reality is that we are on a steady march towards Fascism. Cops want to play dress up, the Feds really want to eradicate all domestic protests – even peaceful protesters who want to save the earth for the next generations get tear gassed by cops. (Reference to save the earth protests which took place last weekend. Police rioted and tear gassed people just because police have an abundant Federal supply of tear gas that might go bad sitting on the shelves. Plus the cops like to play dress up.)

Could it be that the reports of violent cop behavior is because these cops are selected for personality traits related to blind loyalty? Tests, personality testing, behavioral assessment for job aptitude and behavior under stress, have been around for decades. Why aren’t these assessment tools being used to eliminate the cops who resort to violence as their first response. These cops are using their own “fear” as an excuse for firing multiple bullets into unarmed human being and family pets. Something is wrong. Cop violence is a symptom of something that is very wrong in our country. I don’t have the answers, only more questions.

What I do know is that America can not afford another war. We are a third world country. Children are going hungry and yet there is plenty of money for another billion or trillion dollar war. Why? Bombing ISIS won them several thousand new recruits. Obama may be able to cover up the truth but at some point the truth will be revealed. That old guy in the Obama puppet suit is really Cheney. That’s how the movie now playing would end. Convoluted and confusing.

Additional information and links

Links to news stories exist – check here later in the week for links, if you don’t know how to do an internet search.

It is darn right scary when after writing this blog post I find another blogger, Jane Stillwater, who is following a similar what would happen if this thing happening over there were to be brought back home to America? But Jane dear the stalking of people because of their gender or color of their skin has come home. She has lots of links in her essay. Similar to the ones foreign affairs links I was going to add down here. I think I even used “stalking” in this post. And Jane is correct that in his foreign affairs Obama does stalk his victims. But then, he has been doing that at home as well. Members of the media who refused to merely repeat the official line and seek the truth ARE being stalked right now. TherESA has or is currently breaking into every single “secure” and “private” place where whistleblowers and reporters just might share information.

Then over the weekend we learned from the Sacramento Bee, a news source in California, that the U.S. Navy had snooped into every single computer (connected to the Internet) in Washington State. In turned out that the Navy began searching for a leak or something. Since the military is everywhere in this state, that turned into – search all computers in the state. Which then turned into – look what we can do – we the moral cops, the U.S. Navy, will invade the privacy of everyone in Washington State looking for pornography. They found one guy with kiddie porn, turned over the evidence to the local civilian prosecutor who put the guy on trial and got an 18 year conviction. Every person in the state was treated as the enemy, we were stalked by the U.S. Navy. Ha – but the case was appealed and the judges were not pleased with the warrantless searches of all computers. The judges tossed the conviction as a lesson to the Navy. The military is forbidden from spying on American citizens. Yes, Jane what happens over there is already happening here. Just not that much blood loss is involved – yet. We are being stalked and if we continue to object to the criminalization of dissent we could be droned or something similar.


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