Links to keep track of who’s who

A work in progress, of reliable sources and links with information on what is happening in the Middle East. When the government’s propaganda machine starts a war with lies and cover ups we know that time travel exists – just kidding. If you don’t have a good memory you are going to fall for the same lies over and over again. You don’t need a savants memory – we have the Internet where people with long memories love to point out how often politicians lie.

Links below are ones I will be adding to keep track of the bad guys or sneaky Obama fights two wars.

Middle East watcher are telling us that a back door war is underway to rid the world of Assad. None – not one of the rulers in the Middle East is a good guy.
Newest links first.

Emptywheel blog looks at the illegality of Obama’s new war. If the chicken hawks in congress want to impeach – have at it fellas. Those bombs being dropped are most likely illegal.

Pepe Escobar as always has some insight into the who’s who list of evil doers. “Obama’s PlayStation Bombandiers” gives a flavor of what insider secrets of name changes used to make former allies the bad guys. Obomber’s spokesman said that the military watchers have been watching the bad guys were were part of the Al Quaida or former members or trained by Al Quaida. This was the moderate Jabhat al-Nusra who were being armed to eliminate President Assad – who isn’t a very nice fellow either. Now the former moderates who have a non aggression agreement with ISIS were bombed. At the same time the Israelis took out a Syrian military jet – just because they could with a missile made in the USA. Pepe has a habit of picking up news not covered by the U.S. media.

None of this news about moderates rebels who are not moderate is news – but rather really old news. The Obama gang merely rebranded an existing rebel group with the name of a region in Iran. Gee how clever of the Obama Bombandier Commanders. Fool the American public again, raise the scared level and then Americans will forget to ask how much will it cost. Will veterans of this war be greater any better?

Robert Risk is another Middle East reporter and watcher. He’s the reporter who first blew the whistle on the Nusra rebels with links to Al Quaida who were being funded by the U.S. as “moderate” rebels. He also has written an article about the bombing of Syria by the U.S. etc.

Evidence of mass psychological manipulation

Rebranding an old rebel group with a new name and new goals.

Australians politicians are not immune to the need to spread fear. Australia is one member of the “Five Eyes” so their leader is required to sell the U.S. propaganda.

Netanyahu the master propagandist.


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