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Disbanding the Ferguson police force

The more we learn about the Ferguson cop shop, the more we need to ask why in the 21st century is a thing like this allowed to prey on human beings? I have a USA Today app on my tablet. Most of the time I ignore the thing. One breaking story was – cop in Ferguson shot. Wait for the details, those guys wear cameras now. More news slithered out. The Ferguson cops can’t keep their story straight.

The first most of us heard about Ferguson police, was when one of their number murdered an unarmed teenager in broad daylight, in front of witnesses. No trial, just one cop who felt like it, murdered another human being. Just another day on the job in America where being a cop means – license to kill.

Now this new shooting of a cop, supposedly. Seeing how the cops aren’t very good at hitting a target, under stress, how do we know that the individual they were chasing, turned around and fired off one round and hit a cop in the arm? Thing is we can’t believe these cops. Their story changes – two different stories about how the cop was shot. Which story is true or is there a third account? If the cop had his body camera on we would have another witness.

These guys from Ferguson are wearing arm bands with these words: “I am Darren Wilson”  The name of the cop who murdered Michael Brown. Ferguson cops still aren’t wearing their name tags. The U.S. Department of Justice has requested that Ferguson cops wear their name badges. These guys now have body cameras, but the cameras must be turned on to works.

So now there is the call by bloggers and others to just disband the cop shop. The end, close it down. Start over, from the beginning. Why does Ferguson need cops? What sort of law enforcement does Ferguson need? Human beings are not perfect and so laws are written and to follow through – some sort of reasonable law enforcement is required. Not the military style of law enforcement that is the mind set, the culture of cop shops in America today. Reset, rewind – let’s all rethink the job of cops. Most all of us probably agree that this is a necessary job. The war on drugs perverted the cop’s job. That’s when a lot of the bad stuff happened. Closing Mental hospitals and forcing jails and cops into being the de facto mental health system.

Back to Ferguson, we really do know why the Ferguson cops are now out of control – they are a symptom of what is wrong with a huge part of America. If this cop shop is disbanded what will replace it? Citizens need to have a voice in how cops do their jobs. We need to have a voice in job qualifications and psychological testing of police candidates. It is obvious that little or no testing is being done by cops shops of the new hires. Training of future cops needs to be evaluated and changed. We need to know if it is the job and association with older cops that could change the new hires to the Darrel Wilson kind of cops.

These are the sort of things Eric Holder should have been doing. He could have put a task force on the job to understand why lethal violence by American cops is so high out here where we all live. Attorney General Eric Holder has been a failure. This is ignoring that Wall Street continues to loot with ERic Holder’s blessing – something about “too big to fail”. Most likely Eric Holder has a very well paying job on Wall Street waiting.

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