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Terror Terror again the news media says

Glenn Greenwald writing at the Intercept has a story out with the background details about which reporters are embedded or in bed with the Obama Administration. In order to have his new war Obama has got to link the OLD war that Bush and Cheney invented so that they could bomb Iraq. Al Quaida wasn’t IN Iraq — and Saddam kept the really really bad guys out. But his buddy buddy relationship with the Bush gang went downhill with papa Bush last century. Clinton came along and he got to bomb Iraq as well. Children were killed in the process. I’m sounding like a broken record. Sorry. But it isn’t me, I’m just reporting what happened last century.

Iraq has oil.

They never did teach us the real reason for war last century. Perhaps this century students will learn what wars are really about.

How often can the Obamas of the world keep shouting terror — so that more civilians can be killed and who really gives a damned about the children? Not Lady Obama, that’s for sure. She wants to be rich — forever — so she will keep quite.

Netanyaho breezes into town and shrieks  — Hamas equals ISIS — both must be destroyed. Netanyaho wants on the terror band wagon. Both Hamas and ISIS are Islamic and Islamic is bad. He keeps forgetting that Israel helped create Hamas way back in the last century as a replacement for the PLO. Amazing, does that guy Netanyaho ever listen to himself? Ever? Does he really want the world to listen to him and then remember last century when another despot wanted to rid the world of a whole group of folks because of their ethnic/religion (Jews were the enemy of the pure ones of the Fatherland) way back in the middle of the last century. It is really shameful that he made a fool of himself. It will take a few decades for the remaining good and kind people who are Jewish to clean up the mess Netanyaho is making in this world.

Back to the ongoing war, or continuing war on Syria and on Iraq. Who are we to believe? How about the super secret sources in the administration (Obama’s) who can’t be named. Oh O — we have some leakers? That’s fine — they don’t count as leaders.

Al Quaida is scared of these guys. Now we have a lot of sources which tell us that the bad guys that Obama is bombing are really the same old moderates. But since they were once part of Al Quaida, then because of an old approval for a war earlier this century — then this war is “legal”. Didn’t Nixon say — if the President does it then it is legal? Or something.

Anyway this is the same news that a few bloggers have been alerting the world about in the last few days. The former moderate guys are being bombed in Syria. Even this blogger was reading Robert Fisk and Juan Cole who were telling us that there are no moderate rebels in Syria.


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