TSA – tax dollars for what

“Why me?” This remark after a passenger was taken off the plane, his stuff handled and touch, medication emptied. “And while my problems with TSA were merely an annoyance, they do point to how huge Big Brother has become—COINTELPRO ON STEROIDS is our age.” (Alen Wieder)

He asks a simple question – why me? The dim witted TSA idiot reply, “I don’t know.” (B.S.)

So in Job-like fashion I asked, “Why me?”  Truth is I think that I know the answer and it corresponds to the sickness and absurdity of government surveillance in the United States—we are all fellow travelers.

Welcome to the era of being grey listed.

Anyway there is always money to intimidate anyone who flies – just because they can.

There is always money for new wars – but money to feed the poor in America is slashed. We have millions living in extreme poverty here in America. But Obomba got his money to kill more civilians. Ironic that the people who were beheaded by ISIS were people with the same occupations that Obomber wants to silence, to muzzle, to shut down. What a way to send a message to other truth seekers – it is working. The Obama gang claims no civilians are being killed in Syria. Yet a grain Silo was destroyed, and only civilians worked there. One big lie means that as usual the Military cannot be believed. The black booted thugs march on, not realizing that when they are no longer useful to the powerful, they will be discarded, to be forced into submission by their replacements.

The truth seekers are pulled from airplanes. To be a pacifist and a truth seeker today, means that you are on a grey list with Constitutional rights denied. If we continue down this path and more truth seekers are added to the global grey lists, very soon we will be living in a world that only science fiction writers could imagine.


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