Old news is new news again

Update -this article by Ian Welsh is a must read. The projected deaths are now target at 10,000 per week. Why Africa can’t handle Ebola.

I may seem like a Debbie Downer in my blog posts – check out the other articles on Ian Welsh’s blog – take a look at the stuff I skipped. When most of the money in the world is in the hands of the .01% and world wide poverty is growing we are in crisis. Someone pointed out that all of us are living in an isolation ward – called earth.

The U.S. had a real test on Ebola response -grade was a Fail. The patient with Ebola was sent home. There is no excuse for what happened in Dallas. The dingbat doctors started out by blaming the intake nurse. I am concerned that the next patient will also slip through the “no insurance go away” hole. Our health care system is still crap. What we have is a welfare system for health insurance companies. Doctors in ER rooms may not be part of a patient’s approved providers list. So a paid visit to the ER room is not covered when patients are still getting separate bills for thousands of dollars of out of network doctors.

As the Ebola epidemic rages we will learn how our over priced medical care system handles the next patient. And the next. The ones at greatest risk at the health care workers at the patient intake level. This is were the training and money for wages needs to go.

If Ebola does get a foothold in the U.S. it will hit the third world part of our country. The places where the health care structure doesn’t reach. Like all the public health hospitals that have closed under GW Bush and then Obama care. Just when we need public health hospitals – most have closed their doors. Urban areas with an overload of high poverty are most likely to be hit – if hospital follow the Dallas, Texas what not to do, model. Even in rural areas there are small communities with a high concentration of poverty. Education is the first line of defense for all of us. Right now the talking heads are doing a poor job of educating. This reminds me of the early days of the HIV-AIDS epidemic. For a contemporary comparison, one legislator in the south wants to ban from his state, the cremated ASH from an Ebola patient.


The blaming has begun about Ebola. The CDC points out that the drastic budget cuts the agency has endured means that the Ebola vaccine is not ready. This is a creditable complaint from the head of the CDC. The folks on the frontline of plagues and epidemics has been warning for years that the GOP budgets could result in exactly the scenario playing out in Dallas, Texas.

The very anti science, GOP who cut the budget of anything that might benefit the citizens are now screaming bloody murder. They are scared and ignorant, poor dears. Science wasn’t their subject – they don’t comprehend the science stuff.

Read the headlines from memorandum.com – the talking heads are panicking, the politicians are panicking. We have one case from Africa who was sent home, rather than treated. One health care worker from the Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola. At least the health care worker was identified quickly.

There are a few positive outcomes possible from this world wide stupidity – more awareness of that swift action medical teams are needed, when an epidemic breaks out in lesser developed countries. So far Cuba has had the best response time. Cuba sent real doctors. I’ve interviewed Caribbean citizens who will travel to Cuban staffed medical clinics. They get better care from the Cuban medics than from most western trained doctors. There’s a first hand account by American reporter, Kate Oberdorfer, who was treated by Cuban doctors in Cuba. “It’s Time to talk About Cuba.” Her story is similar to the ones told by citizens of Guyana. Venezuela is east of Guyana, on the northern part of South America. The U.S. media isn’t covering this story.

Don’t you find it educational to watch the politicians play at pretending to care what happens to people “over there”? We all ready know which politicians will be clutching their pearls. Next they’ll be calling for hearing. “Why did the CDC fail?” Fox news talking heads will be beating the ritual sacrifice drums.

The U.S. only has a limited amount of money – and that is being used to fund endless wars. Israel needs more money to stock up for war on – who the hell knows? Meanwhile some children are not getting enough to eat. That tells us about the priorities of the politicians. I’ve gotten tea partiers to agree on that point.

The legacy parties are a failure. Both parties have chosen the path of increasing the divide from the haves and have damn little. Both sides are at war with other. My question is do our votes even matter and are they counted?

We the people aren’t stupid, give us the fact we will make the right decision. But we aren’t being told the truth. We are constantly being lied to. The media does their job and repeats the lies. Does anyone believe anything will change after this “critical” election?

Same old news. Obama is a war President. Obama orders people killed and if the drones miss — who cares it happened “over there”. Cut research funding and thousand of people die “over there” – who cares. That’s old news – but hey the politicians get air time and the talking heads get to practice their excited, gaspy voices.


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