Dallas and Ebola

The more we learn about how that Dallas hospital mismanaged the first Ebola case makes me question the medical education and knowledge of the folks running the medical system.

First the hospital sends the Ebola patient home and then changes their story.

So he returns, this time very ill,and he isn’t put in isolation immediately ??????

Is this an example of a hospital run by a CEO with zero background in medicine or biology or science. I have heard doctors say that the don’t make the decisions on patient care, that’s made by the bean counters upstairs.

What happened in Dallas is scary.

We haven’t been hit by a massive epidemic – like a killer flu – but it could happen. Hospitals and our health care isn’t prepared.  I’m not terribly concerned that Ebola will be a major problem in America. But what if the next flu outbreak is the one that is missed?

The bottom line, loved by medical insurance stockholders and CEO s – is just what a super bug needs.

Here is some more do not panic over Ebola information. There is a link in the article link above. It appears that the Ebola patient is most infectious when near death. That would be logical for a parasitic infection dependent on a host. Like the horror movies where the evil parasitic spirit must jump to a new host to survive. Cut off the possibility for the evil ghost to jump bodies before the old host becomes useless to the evil ghost. Writers need to get their ideas somewhere.


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