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Obama heir to Nixon

Obama is using Nixon as his mentor. Obama won his election with the help of 8% of the conservative vote. That was something I learned from the linked article. The idea that Obama is acting more like Nixon than Raygun has not been lost on many Conservatives. While Fox News and conservative talking heads scream about the evil Obama the think tank Conservatives are seeing the results of the Obama reign which is NOT liberal. Nice to know that the Conservative pundits agree with me, that Obama is a conservative.

Obama continues the Bush/Cheney blueprints for Iraq. Obama covers up for the Bush/Cheney war crimes and adds a few of his own. Whatever shadow group appointed Obama to run for the white house made a brilliant move. The Democrats got out foxed. Put a guy on the ballot who can run as an African-American democrat but who is really a White Kansas Republican (like his grandfather) and the idiots will come out to vote. The plus was that he could make pretty speeches but only when his teleprompter is working. His electioneering speeches were mostly empty words and empty promises. Global warming will not have changed after Obama’s eight years. With the fracking and coal and the Keystone pipeline thanks to Obama – future generations will not think kindly of us alive today.

Obama has jailed whistleblowers in vast numbers – more than any other Presidents combined. Obama runs a secretive and dishonest ship. Of the African-Americans who supported him faithfully – they haven’t seen much improvement in their lives – that is the ones who survive an encounter with trigger happy cops. Women who helped put Obama in office got tossed under the bus.

Anyway it is nice to know that Conservatives are now acknowledging Obama as one of theirs. Too bad the other side, still can’t see the Fox in the chicken coop.

Want to know why I’m an Independent? Underneath the political promises and speeches, there isn’t a whole lot of difference. Under both parties the line between the haves and have none has gotten wider. The rich have gotten richer, way richer under Obama. Global warming is worse, children aren’t better off. Poverty has increased to the point that one third of Americans are either near the poverty line or below the poverty line. Ruth Bader Ginsburg knows – that’s why her voice is getting stronger. Bless her.

So now we are supposed to vote again, my choices are GOP or GOP light. My congress critter votes conservative, making it easier for the spies to spy on everyone. He hasn’t seen a war he doesn’t like. Social programs – not important. He has joined with the GOP in dismantling the social safety net. Yet he claims to be a democrat. He came into office on the Obama bandwagon. The whole state democrat party sold out to Obama. The Obama party. Most democrats never even noticed that the democratic party no longer exists. When the dem headquarters was moved to Chicago to become part of the dirty Chicago political machine – that was when the old democratic party died. That would be FDRs party, and Truman’s party and JACks party. You know back in the last century.

So I will be voting third party. Not that it really matters. But I do honor the women who fought for our right to vote. So I vote, because I live in one of two states that makes votes easy and painless. Standing in line for hours to vote – that happens in third world countries.

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