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Darren Wilson’s emotions

Update – this article asking why are some men so angry? Angry is the wrong word – when that anger translates into murder then the emotion is rage.

Darren Wilson brought up the subject of his emotional state (fear) when he murder Michael Brown at high noon in front of witnesses. He has already proven himself to be a liar and a coward. His performance in front of the grand jury must have been high drama. Most likely he was prepared and coached for his performance not unlike presidential candidates. Most likely he knew the questions in advance. Using the “fear” excuse has become a common by cops.

There is one emotion that Darren Wilson displayed when he killed – rage -which he hasn’t acknowledged. The reason for his rage hasn’t been explored, to my knowledge. Most people would link Darren Wilson’s rage to racism. Since he fell back on the “fear” excuse there was probably racism but that isn’t the real reason for Darren Wilson’s rage.

First let me take you back to the 1990s, Hawaii, Oahu. An off duty cop, a traffic jam, a Hawaiian mixed race male teenager. The cop was white, but what is more important is the age of this cop – middle aged. (Darren Wilson also looks like a middle aged white cop.) Back to the cop in Hawaii. He was also displaying rage. He got out of his car and confronted the local teenager, the cop was misusing his authority as a cop. Lots of witnesses. There was a push-shove fight and the off duty cop goes over the railing on the over pass, and he dies from the fall. The thin blue line went to work over time, ignoring that the cop was no saint and that the cop’s emotional state – rage – started the fight.

In Hawaii – among the locals – they are much more frank in talking about sexual issues and sexual conflicts involving the aging bull and the young bull. Yep this middle aged cop was no longer a sexual stud, he probably had performance issues (Senator Dole and viagra sort of issues). There are some men in hyper masculine occupations who put a great deal of value in their manly bits, size and performance. When a guy hits the middle age bump and his penis betrayal starts getting to make him realize he is getting old these guys sometimes take their rage out on the young bulls who are at their peak.

Back when the teenager and off duty cop had the confrontation I read a lot of discussions by Island locals on the male problem – raging about middle age. How it was common knowledge, in Hawaii, that males nearing middle age sometimes became unstable. This whole concept of the fragile male ego was really interesting. Someone on one of the discussion boards pointed out that guys that age couldn’t fake it when their male member wasn’t up to the same stamina as it was when the guy was younger. Suddenly all the younger men were the enemy. NOT logical behavior but an emotional reaction to the normal aging process.

Not all men react this way to aging. However Darren Wilson was not suffering from fear when he executed a much younger man with two head shoots, as the younger, unarmed, man was surrendering. Darren WIlson was enraged from the moment he saw Michael Brown. Darren Wilson was the aggressor. Darren Wilson pulled Michael Brown through the open window of the police car. That is not a fear response. Brown pulling away shows a normal self preservation response to a middle aged man’s aggressive behavior.

Darren Wilson could be suffering from a severe case of testosterone poisoning. As a group, cops and some males in the military seems to suffer more from the poisonous side effect of testosterone than other occupations.

Fear? The cops have over played that excuse. Rage – we are seeing a whole lot of cop rage, live on candid camera cell phones. Darren Wilson was not afraid, emotional and stupid, that evidence was left on the road for hours. That image of Darren Wilson’s guilt will never go away.


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