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Double standards – death reports

Glenn Greenwald picked up and expanded the discussion about how the U.S. press covers the death of Americans overseas. Israel in particular. Last week a two year old American citizen was killed in either a traffic accident or by act of terrorism. It is hard to impossible to know when the news come out of Israel and knowing the bias of the U.S. news media. A child died and that is always sad.

Another child was killed, deliberately this time, with a carefully aimed bullet. No car accident ambiguities this time. The child who died was an American citizen who happened to also be ethnically Palestinian. The U.S. media could care less that THIS child was a U.S. citizen deliberately targeted by the Israeli military.

With the very high number of Palestinian children killed by the Israeli military, many head shots – this suggests that children are being deliberately targeted. The most moral army in the world is what the IDF calls themselves.

Someone needs to send the Israeli army the definition of moral – or perhaps the translators need to be FIRED. Someone screwed up – murdering children is not moral. Murdering children is the most immoral thing an army can do. The fact that the soldiers are never punished for murdering children, tells us that Israel is an immoral country and it should be shunned by the world. Israel stop fucking with the English Language.

Obama ordered the murder of a 16 year old American citizen in Yemen. Obama had already assassinated the boy’s father. By all accounts this boy had done nothing to warrant an execution order by the President. I did not vote for Obama because he crossed the line when he murdered this American citizen. Obama is devoid of a moral core – just as the Israeli army is devoid of a moral core. If the IDF feels the need to claim the title most moral it means that they are the opposite of moral. And the 1984 doublespeak is in full force this decade. Doublespeak seems to be evidence of a plague infecting most politicians.


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