Windows 8 still bad

The word I want to use to describe Windows 8 would probably not get past the WordPress censorship.

Windows 8 – if you don’t uses the blasted computer for a few weeks the password no longer works. So now you need ANOTHER computer to change the code and try to read the dumbass font – Microsoft uses so only humans can figure out the letters.

Now this time I am going to take a day off to download programs which will make the Windows 8 run like Windows 7. The Windows 8 computer is faster but not when you count all the time hacking through crap in order to get down to the software to do a job. What happens if you don’t have access to another computer or the Internet? That password crap has got to go. There is a way to un-tether your computer from Microsoft. Why is Microsoft in control of MY computer in the first place? Rude – MS is a rude, nasty corporation. If you have a Windows 8 computer then you will need – I Hate Windows 8 by DJ Jones.

The best book to fix window 8 is called – I Hate Window 8 – by D J Jones. If your old computer dies or can’t handle graphics and you have to replace your computer and the only one you can afford is a refurbished Windows 8 – just buy the discounted computer AND get the ebook – I Hate Window 8. I know a guy who is making a ton of money from retired folk who are having trouble using their Windows 8 computers.


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