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Male rage and murder

There was another case of school violence, this time it happened in a small town north of Seattle. This is quite close to where a bridge on Interstate 5 fell into a river. Massive structural failure of the bridge, old bridge, poor design and it was hit by a truck which helped to set up the catastrophic failure.

Easy access to guns is a major mental health and health issue in the U.S. Wait for it the defenders of the second amendment will be out in force to say what we need are more guns in school. Yep, right a free for all shoot out, between – gun slinger teachers and students. Look what happens in NYC when the cops shoot at one person, lots of bystanders are hit by stray bullets. We are told NYC cops are trained to use guns???

Why so much male rage? That’s the question I asked about Darren Wilson’s excessive use of gun fire to take down an unarmed young man or teenager – Michael Brown. Darren Wilson claims he was “afraid” – the all purpose get out of jail card used by violent cops. Darren Wilson is an angry white male – who turned his rage on an unarmed teenager.

The article linked above and here reminds us that for women to reject some men could mean death. The motive for the mass killings was because one girl rejected the shooter. There is a pattern emerging, the obvious pattern is easy access to guns makes it easier for males to vent their rage against whoever they blame.

Then there is the 13 year boy who had the nerve to laugh at an adult male in a state of full rage. The adult male’s home had been robbed and he threw one check of a fit, according to witnesses. The boy laughed at the berserk male and the adult male grabbed his gun and started shooting at the boy.

Male berserk rage is a problem. People are dying because a few males lack impulse control. NRA freaks will be crawling out from their holes defending the right of people with mental illness to own guns. As soon as I mention to conservative family members that people with specific mental illness that are known to be dangerous to themselves should not be allowed to own or use guns my relatives freak out. Mention – any restriction at all of anyone’s right to own guns – will trigger – their own fear that anyone can be labeled “crazy” – and have their guns taken away. The NRA fear induced paranoia seems to be if guns can be taken away by the certified crazy people – then anyone can be declared crazy. The NRA plays on their member’s emotions.

The linked article goes in a slightly different direction, more about the male female socialization process where males are encouraged to vent their anger outward and women are trained to stifle themselves.

Jackson Katz, author of The Macho Paradoxwrote that for men, “anger is much less treacherous emotional terrain than other emotions – and much more socially acceptable.”

[C]ountless men deal with their vulnerability by transferring vulnerable feelings to feelings of anger. The anger then serves to ‘prove’ that they are not, in fact, vulnerable, which would imply they are not man enough to take the pressure.

Women do get angry, but experts say we just handle the emotion differently. Psychologist Sandra Thomas, who conducted a large-scale study on women’s anger in 1993told the American Psychological Association 10 years later, “Men have been encouraged to be more overt with their anger,” while women direct it inwards. Little has changed since then: we’ve still taught to be “nice”, that lying is often preferable to open conflict and that anger is unattractive and unfeminine.

Aggression and violence is a fascinating animal behavior subject. Springer spaniel rage is a genetic behavioral trait now recorded and studied in several different dog breeds and mammalian species. A few Stallions have this rage syndrome. In dogs often there is no warning that the dog will transition from a peaceful companion to a potential killer. There is a lot of research and anecdotal reports but no real understanding of what triggers the violent rages. I don’t recall a case study of a female dog having a rage episode. There may have been an article I missed.

Deaths of children is always sad. Violence at school is especially traumatic for the whole community. The problem is that the survivors will pay the price. Surveillance of the survivors by adults will become more heavy handed and common sense will get flushed. For the sake of the survivors I hope this isn’t the path frightened adults take.

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