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Obama’s fault

Cannonfire blog has a great post up about why Obama is to blame for the coming GOP win.

Obama is not a leader. The art of leadership can be learned. Some people have innate leadership ability – others need lessons. Even born leaders need to learn management skills and communication skills. During the 2008 election Obama was asked about his training for leadership – he replied something about running the campaign. That was a dumb ass answer of a candidate who was way over his head. Obama is still way over his head.

I think we may see a major shut down of government when the newly elected are seated. The nut job wing of the GOP lead by rubber face Senator Ted Cruz is threatening political warfare. Some how, the nut jobs don’t get the concept that they just might have to govern if they “win”. All of the winners will be owing the dark money donors. The military industrial spy complex and the Koch brothers who want to get richer.

The democratic party does not exist in my state, and I suspect that it is dead and buried in most other states as well. The old GOP party is dead, taken over by anti science, religious right zealots. The religion right Taliban really wants to smite anyone who isn’t marching in lock step time to their music.

We are going to see a bunch of politicians beating each other up in order to get the attention of the media.

AGM = Attention Getting Mechanism

This is the things kids do to get the attention of the adults. Kids learn that they do not get attention if they are being good – so kids get attention by being bad, evil, and nasty. Parents know the behavior – probably not the name of the manipulative behavior. Kids pull AGM head lining acts because they work. Younger kid starts crying, blames older kid – younger kid gets attention. Younger kid learns to be even sneaker and gets attention.

Politicians are the nasty misbehaving brats, they want attention. The creepier and nastier the politician, the dumber the statements – that is the nut job that gets attention. Gov. Brownback in Kansas, he is another example of the stupid raising to the top.

This will not be a dull two years. I blame all the stupid people who voted for the Obama myth, the Hollywood production. Now that people are getting to see the real bumbling fool they don’t like him. This is your bed America, you voted for the fools.

One day we might get some grownups running for public office. Elizabeth Warren, right now is the only adult in town. And she’s not perfect – no one is.


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