Yes Kansas is stupid

My mom was third generation born in Kansas. She never lost her thick Kansas accent nor her religious belief in the GOP.

No surprise for me that the pig headed folks in Kansas would re-elect Sam Brownback who has single handedly sunk the Kansas economy.

No matter neither party wins any prizes. History will not look back at this era with kind eyes. This is an era of the greedy and bought and paid for politicians.

The democrats needed women to vote – I voted – skipped some of the races. A whole lot of women did not vote because of all the negative advertising, that is the choice given when asked to select preprogrammed reasons. I live in one of the coastal states where voters tend to be more progressive. On a local and state level Washington and Oregon do not have a problem with vote rigging like Texas and other states that make voting difficult.

Kansas is a strange state, generally anti Science and rigid belief in the holy GOP. My mother and her older siblings bailed out of Kansas during WWII. Her younger sibling bailed as soon as they finished college. Back then Kansas believed in educating their children – not anymore with Saint Brownback as Governor. Of course Kansas will always have her hand out when demanding federal aid for natural disasters caused by global warming – which Kansas doesn’t believe in (Global warming). I visited Kansas often enough as a teenager and listened to relatives who remained (Kansas folk have huge families) to know that Science is considered evil. My uncle who happens to be doctor returns to Kansas every so often to find out if the odd folk who stayed behind have changed their religion. He keeps hoping that they see the light. I don’t need to visit, all I need to see is that Saint Brownback was elected again. Perhaps he plans to pray for rain, or send tornados aimed for Kansas to Boston? Or California.


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