Election fallout continues

If you don’t want to read about politics and want to tap into your creative muse, skip down to my PS about National Novel Writing Month. I am writing a 50,000 word novel this month, first draft due to be finished on 30 November, 2014. I have 26,000 words written.


Once the news of the massive gerrymandering by GOP got out the elections on Tuesday was inevitable. The supreme court has five bought and paid for extreme right wing judges who ignore the concept of democracy or the Constitution. They decided that vote rigging and vote blocking to keep democrats or independents from voting is jolly good for the GOP/corporate money bags.

The statistics are now in and gerrymandering was a fantastically huge success for the folks who own a few governors, senators and congress critters. Go there look at the charts and see the Supreme court in action. Thrilling time to be a Russian oops I mean an American. We fought a Cold War so Commie tactics to win elections can be used in America. God bless America.

Why do I care – I don’t have kids. The reason why I don’t is because what parent wants the kind of world that the GOP was bought off in order to make a few folk even richer. The Koch brothers are not concerned about the world their grand kids, grand kids will inherit – if the human race survives the coming resource wars, plagues, and other nice surprises that a missed of mother nature has in store for future generations. Extinction of thousands of species is marching ahead quick time. Elephants in the wild will be extinction in our life time or in the next generation. Elephants are not replacing themselves, because too many are being killed by greedy, stupid humans.

What do I care? Children are important they are the future, they should be allowed to be children. Today’s children will be living in a world that I would not want to live in.

When I was in college Earth Day was invented. At that first Earth Day there were displays and exhibits of what the future was going to look like. The population has increased, as predicted. Safe drinking water is scarce in many place throughout the world. The earth is being ripped open for dirty oil (fracking). In Texas drinking water is used for fracking in areas where the wells are dry. Alright – Texas is way to easy for an example of the stupids taking over the world.

We can vote. The question is does your vote count? In some places votes do not count. A huge segment of the population was disenfranchised – the dems didn’t put up much of a fight. Why are people members of political parties?

Watching the GOP try to govern using President Hoover’s tactics should be interesting. Gambling away the lives of future generations.

                                      A reading list

George Marshall, “Don’t Even Think About It: Why our Brains are wired to ignore Climate Change.”

Naomi Oreskes & Erick M. Conway, “Merchants of Doubt”.
Same Authors Oreskes & Conway, ” The Collapse of Western Civilization: A Letter From The Future.”

Oreskes and Conway’s – “A Letter From The Future.” Read this book, it is a fast read – if you like Science fiction – this is a book you will want to keep around and re-read. There is a huge reference section at the back of the books, so you don’t get bogged down in the details. Want to know why this election results are predictable? Future kids are being cooked and eaten by the GOP and Dems today. Cannibals.

The first two books are on my Kindle and will be read once I write my NaNoWriMo Novel.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month or November is National Novel Writing Month. There is a website where you can register, and then write 50,000 words. As of today I have written 26,000 words.

The novel is set in Hawaii, 1960, on a military base. The characters are pure fiction with traces of people I’ve known in the military. The muse that writers talk and write about is real – it is our unconscious where random bits of memories are stored. This muse of mine has brought up long forgotten memories. When these memories pop to the surface I realize my muse is awake and the real story and characters can come out to play.

On the Mainland of America, 1960, History was being made, the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King. I missed that because I was in Hawaii where the races had already mixed and mingled. Truman had declared that racism was not allowed in the military, so I went to school with all races and had neighbors of color. We kids thought nothing of the revolutionary changes we were living. Hate is learned.

To write, A Sunflower and no Pickles, I’ve been rummaging around some very old memories. If you have a novel banging around in your unconscious, plan now for next November. The website, gives you tons of encouragement, cheer leaders to help with writers block. Don’t have an idea – no problem there are ideas for books waiting for an author. The politicians can sell themselves but we still have our human creativity.


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