Feeding the homeless illegal

In Florida. Another southern state.

Russell Brand’s take on the Christian fundamentalist dogmatism:

“Let’s bear in mind,” he concluded, “that America just had midterm elections where $4 billion was spent on campaigning — which is just telling you that something’s good. But feeding the homeless? That’s illegal.”

The story about a 90 year old man being lead away by the cops for feeding hungry homeless human being as been on many news websites.

Got one new Senator sucker from Oklahoma who wants to use the Biblical world view as his guide on Economics. The Bible – that book of plagiarized mythology with zero reference to the ‘new’ world – that’s going to be his text for economics. May you live in interesting times.

There are a few sane states left in this union of psychotic States. Oklahoma and Florida are not in  sane state of being. Kansas is going down the toilet – those dumb fools voted for dogmatic Brownback who isn’t quite through trashing the schools in Kansas. Maine has another fool for a governor who aims to wreck the schools. You want an education for your kids – send them to private school.

Who are the democrats to complain? Most of the dems running, often sounded more like Nixon republicans than FDR democrats? The affordable care act ACA or Obama care is still welfare for the insurance companies. The ACA is better than no ACA. The republicans don’t have an alternative, as it is, the ACA is something Nixon would have come up with. Today’s GOP isn’t Nixon’s GOP. And I am no fan of Nixon.

A Letter from the Future, the subtitle of “The Collapse of the Western Civilization”, by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway gives us a looks at the future. Kids in a lot of states won’t be getting the education to help them with critical thinking or get them into colleges where the best minds might still be able to prevent the massive deaths of humans and cultures. The world is already running out of resources. Yet we are hearing the theme that people are hungry because they are lazy or sinners – the memes of the idiots in Florida who write laws against feeding the poor folk.

Why does it take a comedian – like Brand to cut to the truth about American politics?

History rewrites itself – Hoover’s policies will be resurrected, and Russia could shoved in a corner – and then the war to end all mega boom gone. The end. Noam Chomsky is warning the west that Russia can only be pushed so far over the Ukrainian split. The bomb, the one my generation was terrorized with – the tuck and duck under the desks. What sadistic fools the adults of that era were. One of my teachers reminded us that our school room, on a military base, was at ground zero. She used a waste of time scare tactic of adults to give us a lesson in critical thinking. Today she could end up in jail for being honest.

It all goes back to Politicians not caring for the citizens, the homeless Vets who fight the wars and are discarded. The factory workers whose jobs went over seas. The fast food workers who are told to get a real job.

Comedians are more truthful than the news media and politicians. Amazing world we live in.


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