Vote rigging

Several states where the winner’s margin was close is linked to the number of voters being blocked from becoming registered voters. Also the continued wide spread use of touch screen computer voting makes results look questionable. The Republicans put a lot of effort into dismantling the appearance of a fair election.

The question is why? Hacking the vote is possible – ask anyone who understands how the internet works. I was shocked to read that touch screen computer machines are still in use.

Why? On the surface it looked like the dems were putting up a good fight. Tons of money was spent for each vote – advertising dollars per vote. Why didn’t the dem party go after one of the root causes of their loses? To me it seemed like they wanted to lose. Why bother to even vote in the states where the voting system is rigged?

In my state we can be reasonably certain that our votes are being counted. Computers are used to tally paper ballots that are filled out at leisure and placed in the U.S. mail box or in county ballot boxes, placed mostly near fire stations. There have been several recounts, by hand, to give the voters in Washington confidence that our votes are counted.

Why doesn’t the dem party mount a massive legal and legislative against vote rigging.

So far I’ve only read a few technical articles about gerrymandering and voters being blocked from registering to vote. The tactics to block the vote – limited places and times to register, type of ID required, intimidation by police of citizens trying to register to vote (TX loves this method).

Where are the fighting dems – or is the reality that there really isn’t that much difference between the parties once they take their masks off in the backroom of congress and state houses?

It seems obvious that vote rigging gas been going on for decades – the worst offender are the easily hackable touch screen voting machines, connected to the Internet. More fuss is made about the hacking of Target and Home Depot than the much easier hacking of the vote in many states.

Have the dems learned enough about being the minority party that they believe they have more power as the underdog? Or will the dems just give up – since this is apparently what the dems have been doing all along.

The current theory is that the republicans intend to use the ACA to hammer home their right to rule in 2016. So let’s take a look at the highlights of ACA.

Obamacare should have been single payer – the life and death power over patients, of the insurance companies was left in place. Will the republicans manage to kill of Obamacare in the next two years – or will they leave that in place to use against the timid dems in the next election? We are being told that by the next election in two years ACA or Obamacare will be working more as it was intended. However, if the Supreme Court guts Obamacare in the red states (meaning a death sentence for thousands, who can’t afford health care insurance, without government assistance) how will citizens respond?

Will the dems continue to be timid. We were told that since dems didn’t have a 60 Senator majority their hands were tied. Now the new republican leadership says they will do just fine with the slim majority. The timid dems just couldn’t manage.

One thing that is obvious – triggering mob mentality – will be the chosen get out the vote tactic for both sides. Meanwhile Rome (the world) is burning. The next two years will be interesting, hopefully the republicans will be humane rulers. The dems have been reduced to rats chasing the guys with the money.

There’s no doubt the Democrats have alienated their core constituency and given millions of their former supporters little reason to vote. Perpetual war, blank checks for mega-banks, stiffing the working poor while giving away the planet to the rich—-these are all part of the malaise. Our political landscape is currently defined by corporate personhood and its gutting of the Democratic Party.

Part of that is the destruction of our electoral rights, and the refusal of the Democrats to even face the issue, let alone do something about it. Our voting system is, to put it mildly, bought and rigged, further feeding the deadening sense of public futility and frustration.


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