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Ferguson – no surprise

Red necked racist prosecutor demonstrates to the world what KKK justices looks like. This prosecutor is a democrat, as is the governor and the President (who is a white guy who claimed to be white only when the black vote is needed).

The occupied states of America are truly a sight to behold. There are now so many cases of unarmed black men and women, murdered by cops that it would take too much space to list the current death list. Unarmed black guy walk in in building, cops shoot him dead. Cops claimed he was trying to open the door with same hand that was holding his gun. Another flat out lie by another murdering cop. Then the twelve year old boy shot by cop for having a toy gun. Again the cop lies.

The farce of a grand jury in the farce of an “investigation” by the farce of a prosecutor in Ferguson – those two head shots, the two bullets that murdered an unarmed teenager, ignored by the farce of a legal system.

Cops get away with murder, brutal assault and rape, just like any foreign army occupying. We pay the salaries of these murdering creeps. Cops in Utah are on a killing spree according to a recent study you are more likely to be killed by a cops than any other “death by”. Doesn’t that just make us all feel just so safe –not. The other danger are the cops on the roads and their pursuit at high speed. If you happen to be a hostage then your survival chances are NOT very good.

So there is as problem, to the cops WE are the enemy. 95  year old man, murdered by cops. Little two year old children – SWAT team tosses a stun grenade in child’s crib. Mentally ill, cops shoot the teen in the head while the kid is being held by other cops. Nothing happens to any of these violent and vicious killers.

When will the state sanctioned murders (mostly racist) stop? The legislative bodies refuse to revise the laws, everyone is afraid to make cops stop killing. At some point all cops will be tossed in the same bag, as in all cops kill, any cop might be a killer – there is no way to tell the good cops from the bad cops. To me Darren Wilson looks like a red necked, cold blooded, killer. He has the bully attitude. When are the good cops going to distance themselves from the dirty rotten cops. Or am I falling into wishful thinking? There are no longer any good cops, is this the new reality? It is up to the cops to cross the thin blue line and clean house. Darren Wilson needs to be put on trial, not with a jury of his peers, but with all of his victims and his victim’s parents. Then we might see real justice.

To the idiots that stalk and kill cops – violence always creates more violence. When the cops are over armed by Homeland Insecurity with the newest forms of torture and mass murder, violence won’t bring the needed changes.

The future doesn’t look like a nice comfy place, not with the current brutal trends in law enforcement.


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