Grand jury has got to go

The grand jury in NYC copied the Ferguson grand jury. An unarmed black man was murdered by a crazed killer and the crazed killer got away with murder.

What a shameful mess. The look on the face of that cop, captured on video as he murdered the man was pure rage and hatred. The man murdered had been hassled repeatedly by the pig cops.

Where is the first black Perez on this? Acting like a white male president. This president has no empathy for others. His wife said this on the “View” so sort of opinion show with five women snapping at each other. The female hosts corrected Mrs. Obama. No she was correct. A man who can order the murder on a 16 year old American citizen living in Yemen has NO empathy. Mrs Obama spoke truthfully when she said her husband had no empathy.

Another cop gets away with murder, a murder that was recorded and viewed by millions. The person who took the video was indicted by the fu***** retarded jury.

But hey the cops in New Orleans are at war with women – they’ve decided that rape doesn’t exist. So I really do understand the war on a whole group based on color of skin, or gender or having asthma. Yesterday Raw Story had a story about a cop who stopped a car for running a red light. This was a life or death – got to get passenger to hospital. The cop chose death for the asthmatic. Fu** the cops and their bosses. The cops are the occupied force. Theses creeps are chosen on the willingness to murder. Cops cover for the bad cops, making the whole rotten bunch a lawless bunch of killers. These are scary times.

For blacks and people of color – best not even touch a gun. A white racist will call for the nearest killer cop to come shoot a 12 year old child or man – only white males can have guns. Or the female enablers of the women hating male clubs.

Everyone best now down, be submissive to all the red neck hill Billy cops hired by racist Police Chiefs and Sheriffs. Right now the cops are going after the step father of Michael Brown for something he said. Shame on him for getting emotional. Remember your place – full submission. It makes an easier target for the executioner.

Obama – just another white guy, hired to protect the status quo. See I was right about him. I grew up in Hawaii, Obama went to an exclusive prep school. He has absolutely no concept of growing up black in America. Although Hawaii is the 50th state – it is far enough away from the mainland to have a uniquely different culture. In Hawaii the mixed race kids are the majority, hoali or white folk are the minority. So Obama really has no concept of living and growing up in a black ghetto where the white cops constantly harass people of color. He has no empathy for the other because he has lived in an upper class bubble his whole life.

Grand Jury system has got to go. How to get rid of it?


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