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Tipping point – when

At some point the citizens of the USA and the U.K will reach a tipping point. This is when the citizens realize that we are all potential victims of police violence. Perhaps it is the wrong address where children are terrified by a SWAT team breaking into the wrong home and shooting the couch potato guy because he was gripping his remote control in terror.

Perhaps someone’s grandmother is home alone and a SWAT team fills her full of  bullets (wrong address again) then the cops plant drugs to cover the murder of someone’s granny. Drug dealing granny, yep that’s the ticket.

Perhaps the cops pull over a car and confiscate the cash a collage student has in his suitcase. Key words – cause and warrant. Cops need a probable cause to search your car and they need a warrant from a judge.

Link coming, advice from lawyers. ACLU advice. Never consent to a cop search. We need to know our legal right and hold fast to the few that remain.

You O.K. a police search, they can rip up your home and car and you have little to no recourse. Apparently there are so many laws that we are all in violation of some law every day. Plus cops are known to make up the law as the go along. Cops have no accountability, they know they can get away with murder.

It saddens me greatly that the mythology we were taught in school about how our government works was a lie. We were told a lot of pretty stories. Look I’m a military brat and I grew up learning the mythology of the greatness of the Navy. All lies, the service men merely replaceable units in the War machine.

The link above is an hour video of out of control cops, beating citizens with fists, sticks, and kicks, chock holds, and shooting anyone the cops can shoot. The cops know they can get away with murder in this country.

There is no total count of people harmed by violent cops. Some cops out there are bat shit insane. After a police chase a car flips, ejecting the occupied occupant. The guy is either unconscious or dead or dying. Then we see the cops pile on the person ejected from the car, chased by the cops. Amazing insane behavior, could be the guy was innocent? He ran because he knew no matter what he did he was going to be killed by the cops? I don’t know any of the details, other than seeing cops pile on someone and beat the guy to death.

At some point either the law makers will ensure that the cops are held to obey the same laws as citizens, or people who have been victimized or have watched others being victimized by cops begin to fight back.

One peaceful way of fighting back is to take videos of every encounter with a cop. Another peaceful way to fight back is to SUE the police departments and city, county and state governments. Anytime I read about police violence or see a cop or cops beating a civilian to death, I want to know that lawyers are preparing to use for millions. Of course the citizens of the jurisdiction being sued will pay the bill. That multi million dollar law suit might wake up the snoozing voters. Money speaks louder than words.

My hope is that before the tipping point which leads to violence happens – law makers wake up. Please.

It may already be too late. Of course the Republicans worship the 1 % – and the cops work for the 1 %. The 1% will need a whole lot of protection as global warming progresses.

So damned sad. There is a reason why science fiction writers are pessimistic about the future. Orwell’s 1984 is apparently the main text  book for cop schools.

Additional links and information

What are the police and campus police arming themselves for? Pacification of the entire civilian population of the USA? The idiots at Fox News were telling their faithful followers that surplus military equipment has been spread throughout the U.S. So that the U.N. could take over the U.S.. This information comes from conservative relatives who believe everything Fox talking heads tell them. But the cat is out of the bag. Cop shops are being primed to use all that military equipment on we the people. Ferguson cop shop showed us just how the macho killing machines will be used. Meanwhile a young woman lost her eye after being shot in the face with a rubber bullet by a cop. She was a passenger in a car drives enough by her husband – she is black the cop who shot her was white and male.

Another video of the murder of Eric Garner showing his murders standing over his body as if he is a trophy.

Then here is one of a cop punching a 16 year old girl in the face, the other cop then claims that they can do whatever the hell they want, including shooting the girl. So there you have it, out of the mouth of pigs. We are their enemy. So does this make them the enemy of the people? That idea makes me ill. Oh one little detail – the girl is asthmatic and the girl’s mom is pleading with the cops to stop beating her child. Of course the stupid mother called the cops. This video is at rawstory.com the comments following the video are interesting. If it was the mother beating the child, the mom would be in jail. The cops are out of control.

What we are seeing is a psychology experiment run at Stanford University where students were randomly selected to be guards or prisoners. The student chosen to be guards took to the role playing like ducks to water. The professor running the experiment had to end it early. The guards be same abusive. The job shaped their behavior.


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