NYC cops rule NYC

Unelected Unions cops apparently rule NYC as some sort of authoritarian state. The mayor of NYC is unlikely to regain control – if he ever had control in the first place. Thankfully most of us do not live in the police state enclave where the crooks of wall street are protected by their personal police army. The cops go after petty crooks while the real crooks continue the biggest heist of citizens taxes, savings and retirement funds in history.

At no point in the press release did the union acknowledge its members’ duty to protect Americans’ rights as well as their persons. There wasn’t even a perfunctory gesture to that effect. Instead, the union statement spoke of “the dangerous political climate in which all members of law enforcement, nationwide, now find themselves” (the rate of officers being killed is at a 50-year low) and how being a member of American law enforcement hadn’t been so bad since the civil rights movement (or, as the union puts it, “the political unrest of the 1960’s”). At the end of the statement, the union reiterated why it believed support for cops must be “unequivocal,” saying that Baltimore citizens must help “to restore the order necessary for their own safety and for ours.” In sum, the union was arguing that American citizens — including politicians — must do what they’re told, lest we fail to “preserve our nation.” The enemies of civilization, apparently, had already broken through the gates.

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NYC police state is a symptom of the militarization of police forces nation wide and also world wide. The violence is frightening. According to some opinion polls, the Fox News viewers are being trained not to worry a out a few black humans who end up dead due to police violence. Problem is that all of us are in the same boat. Eventually the cops will move on to anyone who isn’t instantly submissive. We are heading in a dangerous direction.

Cops in NYC have declared war on the civilian elected mayor. The role of the people of NYC is to obey the cops. We have already witnessed cops rioting when the cops beat and tortured Occupy protesters. Fox News effectively used the divide and conquer technique to turn their viewers against legitimate constitutional freedom of speech. The Fox News  viewers constantly vote against their best interest.

America was not founded by a bunch of passive submissive men and women. I can trace my genealogy to John Adams, his sister, so perhaps I inherited a non submissive gene. If I could trace my genealogy to Cassandra – the seer whose warnings were ignored – I’d blame her for my ability to see social patterns long before the majority.

The Salon article linked above is worth reading and forwarding to others. In the west the cops shops have similar rotten apples give the good cops a bad name. Not all cops are bad, we notice the bad cops because their arrogance and racism is contrary to civilized behavior. Invading overlords seems to be the role model followed by the bad cops.


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