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Burning at the stake

Fox News pandering to the lowest among their viewers apparently posted the full clip of the Jordanian pilot being burned to death by ISIS creeps. Now there is the predictable yap yap by Christians – evil godless jihadists, Islamic nuts torturing a member of the same religion. Or not. Seems we have all been learning about all the factions who claim the same prophets and holy book.

The western civilised societies are so superior to the pajama wearing ISIS bad guys. Ha!

Bill Moyers gave a history lesson about torturing and burning and lynching which took place in Texas. That would be at the turn of the 20 th century, early 1900s. Lynching is so American. When photography became more common place, pictures of the grim deed was preserved.

But long before the lynchings millions of women were burned at the stake. The Catholic Church got rich while the witches burned. The records and “trial” transcripts have been preserved. When I was learning to read antique hand writing I found a digital record of a “witch” trial from Scotland’s past genocidal murders. The woman was given a show trial, her fate of being burned alive had already been decided.

Books on the massacre of millions of women by Catholics representing the seat of the Church in Rome have been written. I have a couple of books on that era in my library.

Then we have the Salem witch trials in the American Colonies. The Christians have a bloody history. No videos from that era. Just written records of men doing “God’s” work, plus helping to build all the fancy churches and the huge stock pile of money.

The murder of innocent people by ISIS can not be condoned. The bastards are repeating a bloody religious war that keeps on repeating, like a ghoulish version of ground hog day – the movie.

Updates and links:
Slate.com has a review of Christian Lynchings in America.
Christian Soldiers by Jamelle Bouie

More savage was the lynching of Mary Turner and her unborn child, killed for protesting her husband’s murder. “[B]efore a crowd that included women and children,” writes Dray, “Mary was stripped, hung upside down by the ankles, soaked with gasoline, and roasted to death. In the midst of this torment, a white man opened her swollen belly with a hunting knife and her infant fell to the ground, gave a cry, and was stomped to death.”


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