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Does the GOP have a plan for the future

What I mean is what sort of world will today’s child find when they are adults?

Will adults of the future suffer the effects of extreme childhood poverty? Right now, today, the U.S. is the world’s leader in childhood poverty. USA is number one at being the worst. Ironic.

Yet at the same time the GOP wants to force poor women to have more babies. They love the fetus but loathe the child. Kansas Governor Brownback brags that more babies is the goal of all the anti-choice, abortion restrictive laws. Sex – OMG poor people are having sex. The abortion restrictions have almost no impact on the wealthy. When abortion was outright illegal in the U.S., there were many choices for women who had money. I pick on Governor Brownback, as an example of stupids, because my mother’s ancestors homesteaded in Kansas, she was third generation Kansas born. Of her nine brothers and sisters, only one remained to work the farm. The rest fled the state.

The GOP aims to turn back the clock. Forcing a rigid fundamentalist mythological religion on the U.S. population seems to be the GOP game plan for the future. Imagine the adults of the future, no birth control, women as submissive servants for their husbands, each wife producing a baby every two years, until she dies. Oh wait, that already happened. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, families were huge. Childhood poverty was epidemic, as was the practice of putting children to work. Researching my genealogy was a eye opening history lesson. One of my female ancestors was orphaned at an early age and immediately put to work in factories in the east.

Even if the history books used in schools fails to reveal the dark history of an official government policy on a blackout on birth control information, a review of U.S. census forms from the nineteenth and twentieth holds the raw data. Epidemics were frequent, and the death of mothers was exceeding high. In the mid 18 hundreds all but one of my female ancestors died shortly after childbirth, due to their weakened condition.

Why does the GOP hate children. Why is the GOP starving children?

Being number one in the childhood poverty rankings tells us about the future that politicians see for the USA. It takes hard work of the majority of politicians in the USA to gain such a high ranking among in the world. Yea Team, go USA. Not.


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