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KENT STATE, government sanctioned murder

Early May is when I remember the bad old days. GOP Governors hated the anti war protesters and the idiot Governor in Ohio sent out the National guard. The National guard murdered unarmed students.

The Police and National Guard have a very long history of putting down any protest against the ruling one percent. In California where I was a college student, the conservative bigots drove cars with bumper stickers with hate slogans against all college student. Many college students were Vietnam War veterans. Who do you think educated us about the lies by politicians and top military brass about the Vietnam War?

Ronnie Raygun was governor in California, he absolutely hated all college students. He did what ever he could to disrupt the education of thousands of college students. Raygun was a hater, a prime example of racism and bigotry. Raygun hated poor people.

Raygun used cops to harass and terrify college students. At random times cops would surround colleges and Universities. Any student who attempted to go to classes was threatened by foul mouth cops. By order of the governor campuses were shut down and cops were order to shoot any students who set foot on the university’s property. Cops were armed with rifles and they targeted students, there were no signs informing us that Raygun had closed the colleges and Universities. Just foul mouth cops with rifles ready and willing to murder unarmed students.

Not much has changed from the bad old days when the National Guard murdered college students and today where the cops murder unarmed citizens most of whom happen to be people of color. GOP need “the Other” to focus their hatred. People of color and poor are the current targets of the party loyalist.

How sad that so many people can be turned into a lynch mob. The hive mentally is alive and well in modern day haters. These haters have their saint Raygun to thank, that mythical Hollywood creation who was a billboard ad for Alzheimer’s symptoms.

KENT State

On May 15, two more students were killed and 12 wounded at Jackson State University in Mississippi, with nowhere near the attention Kent State received. The Jackson State students were African-American.

Riot control – big business, making the one percent even richer.


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