Jade Helm questionable tactics

So anyway I was avoiding the whole war games in the Southwest by the U.S. military, there is the that fast tract thing that just got voted down by the U.S. Senate. But then Gawker has an article posted about a previous U.S. war games out in the public in 2013. Theses games went down in the deep south. The thing that is truly disgusting is the targets that the insane asshats purchased for use by jarhead Marines etc was a soccer mom with gun.

Talk about the blatant use of desensitization images – for what reason? Another Kent State? Years ago when I was visiting Hawaii there were war games – troops in the streets on the windward side of Oahu. Military pretend take over of the civilian space. Of course this public display of military might was old news to long time residents of Hawaii. The U.S. Military stole Hawaii for the U.S. over a hundred years ago – and the U.S. does not give back what they have stolen – ever.

The use of U.S. civilian targets for the military gun men to shoot full of hole? One doesn’t need to we a nut case like Senator Teddy Cruz to see that yes there is a problem with teaching the military personnel that civilians are an approved target. So what’s next? Sending these desensitized military gun men out as civilian cops, ready and willing to use civilians as live target?

Perhaps Jade Helm is the name of the preselected civilian target? And here we thought that the targets selected would be swarthy macho males in black pajamas – like the current crop of bad guys in the middle east.

The U.S. military has millions of acres of restricted military reservations where the can play their war game – stay the hell out of civilian territory. Where is the civilian oversight? I don’t mean the

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