TPP fast track – no way

TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership

TPP is a trade treaty between the U.S. and several Pacific Countries or Nations, including, Japan, Australia, South Korea etc.

If this is such a good deal then why is the whole trade agreement classified?

Obama is demanding that the Senate pass this without even reading the document. What information we have are the bits and pieces that have been leaked to Wiki-Leaks.

A secret agreement, and a blank check for Obama to sign the treaty.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is asking the President to release the text of TPP – so that the Senators can read it. Also the public needs to know exactly what sort of deals the U.S. Government is making with multinational corporation.

For the majority of American citizens, we are not trained in reading corporate double speak and we need an unbiased opinion, from people who can read and understand the sub context of the weasel worded TPP.

I trust Elizabeth Warren – I do not trust Prez Obama. Way back when he was running for President he was campaigning against NAFTA – which is the North American Free Trade Agreement. Now Obama is trying to force TPP through congress – unread. Obama has proven himself to be a master liar. Obama is now on the war path against Senator Warren, because she is asking the simple question – why can’t we read the text of the TPP. Why the secrets? Why is the document classified?

The scary question does the TPP trump National Law? Yes, but is there a work around this? Maybe and maybe not.

Elizabeth Warren asks Obama to declassify TPP. is another source for some of the negative ramifications of the TPP. One detail that is often left out of TPP discussions is the issue of corporate sovereignty.

Corporate Sovereignty links:

List of links at Techdirt on corporate sovereignty


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