Blaming the victims

Religious fundamentalist of the extreme religious cult Quiverfull Josh Druggar. Yes that pervert creep.

What sort of counseling do we suppose Josh’s victims received? My first guess is no counseling from a professional mental health specialist. Most likely the victims were turned into the evil ones. Because of Eve. All females are bad, luring the hapless male down the road of lust and other ungodly evil. Thus says the teaching of this misogynistic cult.

Gawker has copies of the sort of guidance that the Druggar cult would have followed – victim blaming and other such blathering nonsense.

The wagons have circled, protecting Josh Druggar. Amazing – nothing has changed.

America is famous for spawning cults. Quiverfull is just another cult. Where I live there are several cults. One is even a Quiverfull cult. The mom drives a big ass van. On the rear window is the cartoon of an adult couple and then lots and lots of little people, across the bottom of the window. The cult was established by the grandfather. Some of the daughters escaped. There are so many of these cult families in the northwest, and throughout America. Children are being harmed. Parents own their children – it would seem.

When a family is as large as the Druggar family or the other fundamentalist families how much parenting is possible? The older kids care for and raise the younger kids. The larger the family the less time there is for each child. The older children are family servants, because the mother’s job is being pregnant or getting pregnant. Daddy is in charge, his word is law. He is the link to God, he speaks for God.

Here’s a link with information on the specific cult beliefs of the Quiverfull adherents. They leave family planning up to God.


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