Kansas again

I really dislike Kansas. My mom was third generation born in Kansas.

My mom was one of nine children. Birth control was illegal in my grandmother’s day and my grandfather controlled her body. He delivered all her babies except the last one. Males in that part of Kansas were the midwives. Creepy thought.

Kansas is unfriendly to common sense and compassion. Stupid people. My aunts, uncles and my mom left Kansas as soon as they were able.

How is a boy going to live with the fact that he shared is mother’s secret in class, she will go to jail  and die there? She will go to jail and lose her son because she was using medical marijuana. She has a disease which is like a wasting disease. She was slowly dying. Marijuana was saving her life.

But dogmatic, mull headed Kansas idiots don’t see it that way.

This war on drugs is killing people. One more victim on the alter of gross stupidity.

Kansas keeps electing stupid politicians – like the current governor who is using faith based economics to blaze his budget.

My state has legalized medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. I’ve not seen any differences. But then I wouldn’t know, I am allergic to smoke and most likely the weed itself. Just because I have never used Marijuana doesn’t mean that am on the side of stupidity.

Kansas get your heads out of your asses. Stop making the stupid headlines.


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