Then there is Texas

Or Tex-asses.

Racism on display for the world to see. One red neck white racist calls the cops and we get to see a dumb ass cop beat up kids.

One article about cops by a former cop and now an educator is a must read. There are two kinds of cops – the warrior and the guardians. The YouTube video of the stupid cop also has a short clip of one cop (Guardian) who was talking to the kids, trying to find out what happened. That was before the stupid cop (warrior) arrived on the scene to beat up a black girl in a bathing suit.

Not all cops are bad. Now we have a clear cut example of good cops and bad cops. There are tests that can weed out the bad cop candidates. Test for behavioural traits have been around for many many decades.

This video on The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur reviews a pool party gone horribly wrong in Texass. Note that white adults started the fight. And the racists are coming out of the woodwork.


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