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Again. When a white dude goes on a murderous rampage, killing black Christians in a South Carolina church, the reaction of conservative white blabbering fools, shows us that this is still a primitive culture.

Well he (the shooter) was insane, the conservatives chant. Too easy to bring out the mental illness card. So far no mental health professional has spoken, acknowledging that the shooter was under treatment or taking meds. No, this is a young dude who joined an online cult, was indoctrinated in messages of hatred for the other.

In my state the conservative white folk hate the Native Americans. They get together and talk trash – about the Northwest tribes. I was at company Christmas Party years ago when I overheard a group of white women talking trash about local tribes. When I couldn’t stand to hear one more racist word I explained the history of indigenous peoples of North America. Treaties made between the indigenous Nations and violated by the whites. That was around the time when the local tribes were demanding their treaty rights to fish, hunt, and gather. There were even shots fired at local Indians who were fishing.

East of the Mississippi good old Andrew Jackson rounded up the Native Americans and shipped them off to what is now Oklahoma. Slave owners east of the Mississippi kept their slaves – until the civil war. (Some black slaves joined their Indian owners on the trail of tears). The news papers from the 19th century were full of racism news reporting. Indian Wars was just a other name for the extermination and removal of Indigenous people. (Canada and Australian also has a sorted racist history.)

Our country is founded on prejudice and hatred for the other.

What happened in South Carolina was racial terrorism. Very often racist motives are closely related to misogynistic motives. The white dude made a statement in the church about blacks raping white women. That was the chant at the lynching of hundreds and hundreds of black men not so long ago. How many of those white dudes involved in lynching were rapist? More than likely many were guilty of some crime against the “fairer sex”.

Hate is learned. Hate is carefully taught.

Hate can be unlearned.

It is easy to hate people you don’t know. Even today there is a large percentage of white folk who have no black friends or any friends who aren’t white. Schools are still segregated. Children are still being taught to hate anyone who is different.

Hate is carefully taught.

The white terrorists in the U.S. are killing
way more than those foreign guys, then the other non white guys are killing. Add nine more human lives to the white racist body count.

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