Dirty business of torture

So now the APA (Psychologists Association) has been caught with its pants down. Katie Surrence  calls the Psychologists who worked for the Department of Defense Lapdocs. These are the Psychologists who helped design the torture on humans. Psychologists are not medical doctors.

The reason this whole sordid mess has come to light is because of the very vocal human rights wing of the APA and the CIA’s own in house Health professionals fought to expose the dirty secrets. A lengthy report on the whole tangled web of human deprive behavior is reviewed by James Risen writing for the New York Times.

The Hoffman Report is about the torture of prisoners in the Bush and Cheney war on terror. This reminds me about something one of my psychology professors lectured about – fighting and hating the enemy can make those in power accept the tactics of the enemy. This professor was speaking about the old cold war with Russia and China. These were the bad countries that used torture and brain washing – not America – or so we thought back in the old days. This professor was speaking about ethics in psychology and that what we were learning could be used for good or for evil.

 “The Central Intelligence Agency’s health professionals repeatedly criticized the agency’s post-Sept. 11 interrogation program, but their protests were rebuffed by prominent outside psychologists who lent credibility to the program, according to a new report.” [Huffman Report].

The tiny detail that information obtained by torture is not reliable was understood by those critical of the C.I.A. grand plan. ” One of those who contacted the association was Charles Morgan, a C.I.A. contractor and psychiatrist who had studied military personnel who went through the SERE program’s simulated torture training, research that showed that the techniques used on them could not be used to collect accurate information.”

Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Jessen were later hired as contractors for the counterterrorism center, where they helped create the interrogation program by adapting the simulated torture techniques from the SERE program, using them against detainees.”

Isn’t that an interesting piece of information – the major reveal in this report. The torture that was tailored for the prisoners was developed from testing on human subject. Military men used as lab rats to somehow train these men how to resist torture by torturing the pilots and crew who flew cold war missions over enemy territory. What sort of after treatment did the human lab rats receive after days of “simulated” torture? In the early days of the POW simulation – the crews were sent home to their families to deal with the aftermath of being lab rats for sick sadistic bastards. I know I was a military brat and my dad was one of thousands of the crewmembers who were used as human lab rats.

The current crop of Psychologists who aided and gave the Bush administration and C.I.A. permission to experiment on humans are monsters. America has morphed into an amoral Nation – not all of us. But this experimentation was done in our names.

I for one do not approve of what this country has become, under President Bush and now President Obama. Perhaps the human torture experiments were stopped when Obama took office? But Obama has unleashed psychological warfare in several countries with the use of drones to kill. American citizens have been murdered by drone on orders of the current man in the white house. Imagine the fear and intimidation of all who hear the drones circling? Hundreds of innocent people have been collateral damage when a target is hit. Can humans be psychological tortured into being “good”? Is this another psychological experiment? Stay away from the guys the U S calls bad and you might live? From the interviews with locals I have read, they feel terrorized by the sounds of the drones circling.

Torturing the one prisoner or the captive populace of poor third world  countries – this is being done in our name.


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