Hot Summer

And yet there are still the deniers – global warming.

The four Pacific states: Washington, Oregon, Alaska and California, are having one of the worst fire season, ever. Well in recorded history, since weather records began. One tends to forget about Alaska, their fire season started early. Washington state has a large rain forest on the Olympic Peninsula, it is one of the wettest places on earth.

So what are we going to do – you know for future generations? The oceans are heating up and no matter what we do the oceans will grow warmer. The point of no return has come and gone.

No one should be surprised. We have had warnings for decades. Now 97% of climate scientists and related disciplines tell us that Global Warming is real. Predictions are happening sooner than any of us thought.

Yet the oil companies continue with business as usual. Shell oil got permission to send a drill rig up to the Arctic circle. Apparently the billionaires who run that company believe that a new earth is waiting out there – New territory to exploit and plunder. Science Fiction, or speculative fiction writers have written hundreds – thousand of books about human colonies on other planets and human exploration out there. In these works of fiction the earth of the future is a soiled and rotten mess. Many of these works of fiction have been turned into movies and TV series.

What can we do? Other than vote, for people who really care what happens to future generations? By now most who voted for Obama know that he does not have the foresight and vision to make a difference. Anyone who makes it to the white house is seduced by the absolute power and wealth. Tomorrow will be soon enough, fancy words by speech writers are enough. I really wished I was wrong about the Con man know as Obama.

So now the next fricken election season is here. The real players are the ones buying the next election. The ones buying the elections are only interested in getting wealthier. How about that clown car full of Republicans who are mostly climate deniers? Candidates are playing to the guys in the back room. Not the voters of 2016.

It seems like we are told that every election is the most critical of our lifetime. That bit of drama is a farce. Don’t you think? Are the votes really counted? A few vote switches here and there – black box voting. Paperless ballots, votes tallied and stored on computers connected to the Internet and hackers, a plot for a political thriller or a prediction of the near future? Both parties must be comfortable with the concept of vote hacking, because nothing has been done to ensure a free and fair election.

We are going to leave behind a wonderful legacy for future generations. NOT! You’d think that the politicians and their owners would be concerned about how future generations will view them?


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