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Tax payer money spent on police misconduct

This number is from a Wall Street Journal article by  Buena Elinson and Dan Frisch.

US Taxpayers Have Spent Over 1.4 Billion on Since 2010 Police  Misconduct

1.4 BILLION dollars – taxpayer’s money. Taxpayer’s hard earned money.

So we taxpayer’s have a stake in getting the bad cops out. The whole evaluation and hiring needs to be evaluated. Racist and sexist personalities can be detected early in the evaluation process. Training needs to be enhanced to the standards of developed countries. Cops must all be trained how to recognize and respond to individuals with mental illness. About a quarter of the people murdered by cops are mentally ill.

That said, the lack of mental health treatment and care in this country is sub human. Mental hospitals were closed and no alternative has been funded. Actually not treating individuals with mental health issues cost billions annually. Jailing the crazy ones who come to the attention of law enforcement is extremely expensive. Making it difficult or impossible for families to get help for a family member is tragic. Then there is the issue of calling the cops who arrive and shoot first.

Billions spent because of stupidity and cops.

We could do better, we know better. 

Grassroots – vote for individuals who want to make police accountable. Individuals who are more than pretty words.

Campaign for a real citizen review boards to monitor local law enforcement. Lobby state legislators to upgrade police hiring and training standards. This will cost money but paying for police misconduct is already costing billions of taxpayer’s money.

Educate the public about mental illness. There has to be a balance between old Russia’s use of mental hospitals for political dissidents and jails in the U.S. used to house mentally ill humans.


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