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Mystery solved

Why are Republican politicians at war with science and education?

In many states with Republican Governors the Education budget has been systematically cut. In Wisconsin 250 million dollars has been cut from the college and university system, an equal amount was given to the owners of sports teams to build a new stadium. Kansas and Arizona have similar patterns of refunding education.

Could the reason be that the Republicans are afraid that an educated population means we can see how stupid the Republican leadership is?

The latest example of the stupidest politician is the Speaker of the house who is blaming Obama for the drought. Yep – the all powerful president and science is to blame for the drought. And damned it – the rich Republicans in California are angry because of brown lawns. No joke – read the wins-dumb of the numbnuts politician. These guys are the lap dogs of the Koch brothers – among other greedy bastards.

The next major wars will be over water. It is already happening in the Middle East. Southern California has already stolen Northern California’s water – that happened when Reagan was Governor. Stupids take their lead from Saint Reagan.

Comedians are going to have a field day with this bit of news. Or not.


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