Global Warming greatest threat

AKA Climate Change.

In an article in the Guardian, UK, Ami Sedghi reports that a recent survey of people in 40 countries. Nineteen of the 40 countries picked climates change to be the issue that they worry about most.

Global economics is also another threat that people find worrying.

Of course the deniers are calling this concern about climate change – “magical thinking”. Someone responded to the deniers of projecting their own delusional attitude as good old projection. That seems to be the current coping mechanism of the deniers. Many are the Religion Right magical flowers of a sky God who will arrive on a cloud and rapture up the believers.

The deniers show absolutely no concern for the next generations. All predictions tell us that in a few decades the numbers of people dying or migrating out of the hot zones (plus decrease of drinking water) will increase. Already people fleeing the Middle east to Northern countries are overwhelming the Northern Nations. Certainly war is one of the factors for the refugee crisis, but the war is also for the control of water. 


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