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Is the GOP a cult?

Or any political party?

Does Fox News function as cult speak central?

Fox viewers are compulsive at watching the Stars. One common trait among Fox viewers is that their TV’s are stuck on Fox for hours. I’ve noticed this in friends and family homes. Fox viewers also quote as the ultimate reliable authority.

I grew up in an evangelical environment. My mom took us to church three times a week. Cult? Once I rejected my mother’s church and got a degree in psychology I realized the controlling environment of the church and cults. Waco, Texas – and that ATF shoot out with the Branch Davidians. The ATF had no idea what they were dealing with. This was a strict Bible cult – and the leader spouted similar mumbo jumbo I heard in church as a kid.

Evangelical means the second coming of Christ. It is the duty of Evangelical Christians to spread the word of Christ’s immediate return to every human on earth. Oh we must not forget that the Middle East must have a massive blood bath first – from there Armageddon spreads to the whole world. This hope of Christians for a blood bath has always distressed me. Evangelicals have told me of the joy they feel because this is the end of times, when the world ends and their Savior returns. Do these people even hear how grotesque it sounds to others.

The End Times, is when Christ returns to gather the “saved” folk who have not committed the unpardonable sin. What is that sin? Frankly I doubt anyone really knows. Through the years I’ve heard ministers come up with wild theories.

GOP folk seem to have a lock on evangelicals – which is another word for cult. Evangelicals believe the world is about 6,000 years old, and all humans descended from two humans. Talk about inbreeding and incest! Science has proven otherwise. Cult think – blind belief and obedience – the word of God.

Religious Cults have been part of America since before there was a USA. Cults like: Pilgrims and Puritanism, Calvinism, and Shakers.

The question is – are all political parties also cults? Eight years ago I watched a whole lot of cult like behavior in rabid Obama followers. I heard a whole lot of psychological manipulation from camp Obama. In fact there was a camp Obama for the Obots who trained to take over and dominate states with Presidential caucuses. People like myself who had psychology degrees and were trained in group dynamics recognized the methods and techniques used. So, yes, the Democrats also have their version of a cult. Although Democrats are like herding cats – but team Obama managed to get enough fanatics to win two election.

So I’m not alone in my concern about the right-wing media spreading hate (using cult like methods). A Salon.com article – The right-wing media’s vicious profiteering: How Donald Trump & Fox News are responding hate.


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